astral salon


An AstralSalon is an astrology party that builds camaraderie, offers perspective and uplifts everyone in attendance. You leave feeling more connected to one another and more inspired.



he AstralSalon started in my backyard studio in Los Angeles with my own group of lively women friends. Every month, we got together to share a glass of wine and talk about our problems, using astrology to get perspective. Eventually, we developed a routine. It starts with a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation that's tailored to the interests of the group. Sometimes I offer an astrological view of current events. Other times I cover the basics of astrology and how it works.  Then each guest gets a 10-minute reading that offers a window into their personality and guidance on navigating their challenges. These readings build intimacy and often solicit lively exchanges among friends. It's a fun way to get to know each other better.

How It Works



A 20 minute PowerPoint presentation is tailored to your group's interests. Some cover how your group relates. Others discuss the basics of astrology. Still others track the planetary trends and how they are influence our experience.

Live Reading

Each person provides their birth data ahead of time. Then I cast individual Natal Charts and discuss them in front of the group. Each reading is about 10 minutes and discreetly discusses the best aspects of the individual’s personality, life themes and current trends.


The experience inevitably draws people closer. It’s common for friends to validate each other’s best qualities as revealed by their Natal Charts. Often, the astrology becomes a conversation starter that supports a deeper level of camaraderie.


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