Natal Astrology

Signs + Planets + Houses of Chart = Your Soul's Map 

The Zodiac


Over thousands of years, constellations visible from earth have acquired myths and archetypes. Astrology centers on 12 of these star clusters and our seasonal awareness of them. When a planet, the Sun or Moon appears to move through one of these clusters, astrology uses the movement and the myths to interpret Earth-bound events and personalities. 


Your Chart

The natal chart is a map of the solar system, the exact moment you were born, from your precise vantage point. That's why birth time and location are so important for an accurate reading.

From this map, astrologers can analyze themes in the personality and in an entire life. By comparing your chart with the changing views of the solar system from Earth as we orbit the Sun, an astrologer can assess your evolving perception of your experience.



The Sun Sign

In the Natal Chart, the Sun sign suggests the overall identity and themes of a personality. It represents the ego's strengths or weaknesses, the worldview, the understanding of the father and suggests ways the personality manifests.



The Moon Sign

The Moon sign represents the inner workings of the personality, the private self, the emotional life and ways it is expressed, the perception of the mother, the way a person feels nurtured and the desired creature comforts.


The Ascendant

The Ascendant is the constellation on the horizon the moment you were born. In a Natal Chart, it represents the persona, the mask we wear in public, the way we dress, our mannerisms and even the type of people we draw to us. It is the way our acquaintances describe us.