In one-on-one consultations, I use a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born to clarify your soul’s deepest longing.

Using your Natal Chart as a guide, we discuss your strengths and challenges. We assess where you’ve been and where you want to go.

We can get as granular as you want. Astrology can be remarkably specific.

The goal is to contextualize your life, to build a narrative that excites and empowers you and creates positive change.

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was like you—fiercely independent, driven, with a high-profile job. I married my soulmate and became a mother to an incredible daughter. Still depression, self-doubt and anxiety loomed large. Desperate for meaning, I worked my life like a news story. I found a good therapist and dug deep. I started meditating. I learned Reiki. I tried every cleanse/sound healing/soul retrieval I could find.

As my old paradigms broke down, the art and metaphysics of astrology answered my big life questions with a precision that blew my mind. I studied for years at Kepler College, earning my Natal Astrology certification. Gradually, all the shards of my journey began to coalesce into a narrative.

As I relaxed into the process of becoming, the need to control, to be "perfect," held less power. I learned how to cultivate more self-love and trust. As a result, I'm more accepting of myself than I've ever been.

Your chart can generate more self-compassion and a better understanding of how you relate to others.

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Astrological Coaching

Meet a career goal | Navigate staff conflicts/boss relationships | Address life transitions | Get an inspiration boost | Receive clarity on road blocks | Identify life purpose. | Navigate a spiritual, quarter-life or midlife crisis. | Set relationship goals. | Identify unmet needs. | Address compatibility issues in marriage, sibling or parent-child relationship.  

All sessions are recorded via video conference and provided as a digital file along with a copy of the Natal Chart.

Individual Session — $161

  • Your True North | Tailored to your needs. An hourlong introduction to your true path, how you get stuck and how you succeed. Together, we discuss personality and relationship needs, blockages, fears and wounds and ways to heal and succeed.

Three-Month Coaching — $350

  • Your True North | Tailored to your needs. An hourlong introduction to your true path, how you get stuck and how you succeed. Together, we discuss personality and relationship needs, blockages, fears and wounds and ways to heal and succeed.

  • (2) 30 minute Monthly Calls for accountability and support along the way.

  • Quarterly Report | Personalized dates for meetings, presentations, new hires, job interviews, travel, launches, closures, career transitions. Tailored to your specific needs.

  • Unlimited access to email questions for three months for fine tuning your plan as the weeks unfold.


"I always walk away feeling incredibly empowered with a greater sense of clarity and purpose about where I’m going and the next steps to get there. Even when Saturn was grinding through my first house, Gina gave practical solutions and clear explanations about why I was being triggered. Her deep understanding of the science and the art of astrology set her apart. Her commitment to continual study, intuition and compassionate heart merit my highest recommendation."

Former Fox TV Executive

"You have such a good soul. I can feel it. And the reading was empowering and enlightening. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart."

Theater professional

"I am very excited to move forward with this year. I will keep manifesting my 'dream career' and know that it will arrive when I am ready."

Regional Sales Executive



With the three-month coaching program, each client receives personalized guides to the astrology of the quarter, tailored to their goals and life experience.



Each report describes areas of change and challenge, luck and opportunity, revision and integration for your life.



Each week, I provide a detailed forecast of how the planetary alignments may affect our inner experience and influence outer events. Plus special discounts on readings and classes.

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to work with me



We begin with a Complete Reading. These hour-long sessions are offered at a discounted rate to make this important part of the process more accessible. Provide your birth time, day, month, year and location. 


  • Uncover core fears and wounds holding you back and determine what needs to shift to transcend them by working with Pluto, Saturn, Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in your chart.

  • Identify your hidden strengths and talents and how to access them.

  • Identify key two-to-seven-year themes and how to harness them for maximum growth/success — using the planetary transits, as well as your Progressed and Directed charts.

  • Discover what you really need in a relationship to feel satisfied and how to communicate those needs by studying the story behind your Natal and Progressed Moon.

  • Receive suggested behavior shifts, readings, journaling exercises, meditations, healing modalities and/or rituals to help accelerate growth.

  • Receive a copy of your chart and a recording of the session via Zoom video conferencing.


My Three-Month Coaching Program allows you to deeply engage with your most authentic self and move forward at an accelerated pace. Using your Natal Chart as a guide, we amplify understanding of your motivations and fears. Using the timing of the planetary transits, we lean into the areas of your life offering the most opportunity and growth. If you’re in crisis, we use your Natal Chart, as well as various other astrological techniques, to set clear goals and pinpoint how you specifically can feel grounded and empowered. I identify other supports that can be put in place, offering referrals to specific practitioners you will benefit from. I provide exercises, rituals and routines to support your process.

At the conclusion, you have more self-awareness and a definitive path forward.