Photo by lacabezaenlasnubes

Photo by lacabezaenlasnubes

You're probably too busy to read this but ...

... you’re craving something transcendental. You probably work way too hard. Or drink more than you should. Or you sink yourself into everyone else's problems to avoid your own. You catch yourself daydreaming about the changes you’d make if only this/that/or the other was different. Maybe you’re just waiting for a sign.

Well, here it is.

I was like you. I was fiercely independent and driven. I had a high-profile dream job as a successful Hollywood journalist. I even married my soul mate. And I felt empty and lost. My real passion – empowering people using a balance of esoteric and practical guidance  –  didn’t serve the life narrative I’d written for myself as a girl.
I was an outdated version of the real me. 
It took me years – and a lot of anguish -  to rewrite my own story. (Literally. I actually wrote a memoir.) But in the process, I learned all the shortcuts. Together, we can re-write your narrative in weeks, not years.

It starts with the GPS for your soul: Your Natal Chart.

What if you knew yourself so well that every decision you made aligned with your soul's purpose? What if you could access accelerated personal growth, tailored specifically to your needs, in one email or phone call?   

I can show you the way forward if you're ready.

With the laser focus of your Natal Chart, you can shift the paradigm you’re living. You can access the mystical your soul craves. Here’s what we can do together:
·      Write a life narrative that clarifies your path.
·      Uncover the core fears and wounds that are holding you back and determine what needs to shift to transcend them.
·      Identify your hidden strengths and talents and how to access them.
·      Unlock your soul’s true purpose and how to surrender to it.
·      Identify key two-year themes and how to harness them for maximum growth/success
·      Discover what you really need in a relationship to feel satisfied and how you may be miscommunicating that.
·      I’ll suggest behavior shifts, readings, meditations, healing modalities and/or rituals to help accelerate growth.
·      You’ll receive a QUARTERLY REPORT with detailed Power Days for career transitions, relationship management, project launches, health and well-being, travel, moves, family issues, dating and fun
·      For accountability and support, you’ll receive two additional 30-minute recorded video check-ins at your convenience.   
·      You’ll also receive unlimited access to timing questions via email, i.e. What’s the best day for this key meeting? Should I attend this conference? Does this job offer merit my attention? How much potential does this new relationship have?
BONUS #1: An All-Access Pass to my Astrological Library of webinars, PowerPoints and booklets to help kick-start your own independent study of your Transits and Natal Chart.
BONUS #2: You'll receive weekly newsletters updating you on the current planetary trends and how they may be affecting you.
BONUS #3: You'll receive your personalized best Feng Shui desk position and bed position, according to your birth day/year, for success and well-being. I’ve personally used this for years and it works.
Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.
— Dane Rudhyar