1. I don’t have my birth time — does that matter?

    Yes. Very much. The precise time you were born is used to orient the rest of the Natal Chart. Without that, we’re going to have a much MUCH harder time timing events in your life — and even getting to the key themes in your personality. However, if you’ve called your mom, unearthed your baby book and ordered your birth certificate and still have no exact birth time, we go to Plan B. You give me five or more significant life turning points — births, marriages, divorces, deaths, graduations — and I reverse engineer your chart to find your most likely birth time.

  2. I know nothing about astrology. Am I going to understand this?

    Absolutely. We start wherever you are. If you want to go deep and talk about your inner child — we go there. If instead, it’s more about “How do I handle my divorce?” we talk logistics. We can also just pick good dates for your vacation. Whatever the case, I keep the planet-zodiac talk to a minimum.

  3. What if all you see is bad stuff? Like I’m going to die in a car wreck on the way home?

    First: I don’t predict death. Second: I’m not going to sugar coat what looks like a shit show. Third: It’s never all bad. When you’re covered up with crisis, my aim is to get you grounded and empowered. I validate your feelings and find the end date of the drama/suffering. Then I find the good news — because it’s always there.

  4. My last astrologer told me I was a terrible person who didn’t deserve joy.

    Astrologers are people, too. Some are more self-aware than others. Some enjoy the power they wield over vulnerable people. I’ve had my share of bad readings. They motivated me to learn how to read my own chart. Here’s what I think: You’re in charge of your own life. Astrology acts as a useful GPS to help you navigate your journey. Oh, and fuck that astrologer.

  5. Can you tell me the day I’m going to meet my soul mate? And do they drive a Tesla?

    The short answer is: um, no. I can tell you when you’ll have better luck dating. I can tell you when to stay off Tinder. I can describe the person most likely to meet your needs. I can help you figure out whether or not the Tesla is a deal-breaker.

  6. My mom is very sick. Is she going to die? If so, when? And how much is my inheritance?

    There are a lot of unknowns. Death is not one of them. Do I use astrology to predict the deaths of people I love? Hard no. It’s not helpful in any way. However, if someone you love is suffering and you want to know when their suffering will end, I can help with that. As for the inheritance, we can talk windfalls of cash another time.

  7. Can you tell me if my husband/wife/lover is cheating on me?

    This is a tricky one. According to the astrologer’s code — yes, there is one — it’s unethical to spy on another adult via their Natal Chart without permission. Unless they’re a public figure. But I can look at YOUR chart and find your relationship and your partner and clarify how you got to this point. I’m not going to pronounce anyone a cheater — no matter what the astrology says. I’m not a fortune teller. Instead, we’ll talk about trust and compassion and hard truths and when it’s time to let go.

  8. Why do I always seem drawn to [insert Zodiac Sign]?

    We all have a “type,” right? And that type shows up in the Natal Chart. We attract people who reflect aspects of ourselves back to us. Certain people show up when we’re ready for the wisdom they have to share. So if you’re getting cornered by Aries types, you might be ready to stand up for yourself. If an Aquarius has suddenly chosen you as their new BFF, you could be game for change. If everyone’s a Taurus, then you might want to slow down. If Scorpios are stalking your feed, well … it’s time to get deep.

  9. My life is falling apart — when will it stop?

    Everything goes in cycles. Astrology shows us the beginning and end dates of each one. If we have your accurate birth time, I can give you a clear sense of when life will improve. Often, though, the challenges are designed to teach you a new skill. Leaning in to that teaching can ease the suffering. Using your astrology, I can pinpoint exactly what needs to shift in you to make that possible.

    10. How did you get into this astrology stuff in the first place?

    Way back in the early 1990s, I was a 22-year-old freelance writer for an alt weekly in Charlotte, North Carolina, desperate for a career-making story. I got hooked by Michael Crichton’s 1988 memoir “Travels” about his life-altering experiencing consulting a range of mystics and healers. I pitched my own version of this journey. I got readings from a dozen astrologers, past life regressionists and psychics and then wrote about it. One astrologer in particular Vivian Carol was so accurate it blew my mind. I immediately went to the nearest woo-woo book store and bought “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.” I studied that thing until it literally fell apart. My article actually set me on my path as a journalist but I never stopped studying astrology. In 2012, I finally admitted that astrology was my next career. I enrolled in Kepler College, got my Natal Chart Certification in 2014 and launched my astrology biz! It’s been a dream working in this way ever since.