The 5° libra New Moon on sept. 28 is sublime and delicious, the reward after a tricky week. it’s A time to celebrate balance and beauty in our lives. Cultivate suppleness and beauty in whatever you do. Channel any ambient anxiety into something carefree and lively. Dare to be optimistic.

Below are horoscopes by sign. It's most relevant if you read for your Rising Sign. Go here to calculate that. Want to know how this lunation fits into your year? Click here for your yearly forecast.


ARIES or Aries Rising (7th house)

Partnerships come into focus now. There's an opportunity to begin again in your marriage. Or maybe you and a business partner finally settle a difference or renew your commitment to an idea. The New Moon brings a refreshing energy into all areas of committed relationship. It's a good time to sign contracts and set goals with your partner. There could be a renewed sense of compassion for each other now. You may want to set aside more time together, to make the most of this poignant energy. Note: You’re getting one last reminder of where your life lacks clear boundaries and how that kind of self-sacrifice inhibits your optimism. This is your opportunity to let go of old resentments around career and move on.  


TAURUS or Taurus Rising (6th house) 

This is your moment to refresh your routines and plant the seeds of good health. Take the next two weeks to set some fitness goals and schedule those annual check-ups. If you've yearned to quit a bad habit, physical or psychological, now is the time to commit yourself to giving it up. On the work front, this is a good time to make some to-do lists, get organized and refine your mission. This New Moon can act as a re-set button, giving you new perspective on some old problems. Note: You’re getting one last reminder of what goals are no longer viable and where you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Time to honestly confront where you’ve allowed old beliefs to hinder your faith in the Universe.  


GEMINI or Gemini Rising (5th house)

Now is the time to have some fun! Parties, romance and leisure may be your focus for the next two weeks. Whether you're single or attached, romance can flourish now. It's also a great opportunity to get creative. Find time to journal or take up a new hobby. You may have more time for the children in your life or you may be more open to all forms of play. Parents can use this New Moon to rekindle the bond with your kids. This New Moon offers moments of child-like wonder and joy. Embrace new methods of self-expression. Note: You’re getting one last reminder of how you have over-idealized a partnership, probably a professional alliance that made you vulnerable to deception. Time to release toxic people and the need to control them, once and for all.


Cancer or Cancer Rising (4th house)

The New Moon here promises a sense of contemplation around issues of home and family. With the Sun and Moon conjoining in the deepest part of the chart, it's best to allow yourself time to be contemplative. Issues from childhood may emerge now for clearing. On a practical level, you may need this time to plot out plans for relocation or renovation. This period could signal the beginning of important changes with parents. Perhaps you've been searching for ways to feel grounded. Plans set in motion now could help you get there.  The next two weeks could prove to be busier than usual. Note: You’re getting one last reminder that something has to change because your job or day-to-day routines aren’t satisfying that deep hunger for meaning you crave. Let go of old resentments in your relationships. They’re only holding you back. Instead, strive to be more discerning in how you partner.


LEO or Leo Rising (3rd house)

The New Moon here brings an influx of energy into your interactions with neighbors and your community. You could find yourself playing host to acquaintances or siblings. This is a social lunation for you, one that promises plenty of opportunity for conversation. It's also a great time to start a writing project or even shop for some new tech. You may find yourself bursting with new ideas. Be sure to get them down. They have a good chance of bearing fruit in the next two weeks. Note: You’re getting one last reminder that your creative ambitions need a reality check. You’re not getting the whole story where shared resources are concerned. It’s also time to step more fully into a place of mastery on the job. Release unnecessary insecurities there.


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  (2nd house)

Your sense of self-worth could get a boost with this New Moon. Now is the time to give yourself the credit you're due. Finances preoccupy you, but there may be good news on that front. You may be blessed with a new source of income now. At the very least, you're motivated to create new sources of cash flow. You may also feel driven to accrue new possessions. Instead, you benefit more from assessing your needs and values and balancing your books. Use this time to prioritize your spending. Reward yourself with a sense of gratitude for what you already have. Note: You get one last reminder of where you’ve been over-estimating your family or your partnerships. It’s time to get serious about your creative output and stop second-guessing yourself.


LIBRA or Libra Rising (1st house) 

This is your moment. A New Moon here may bring a sense of accomplishment or even reward. There's a tremendous rush of energy coming into your public persona. People are drawn to you now. Your renewed sense of self is attracting them. Put yourself out there, make presentations, ask for a raise, schedule job interviews. You may be feeling more entitled than usual, so be sure to temper your drive with some pragmatism. Now is the time to launch the new you. Note: You get one last reminder about boundaries and unrealistic expectations on the job and in your routines, maybe with your siblings or neighbors. Time to let go of some childhood resentments and move on.


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising (12th house)

Retreat and renew. A refreshing rush of cosmic energy comes into a deep part of your psyche with this lunation. You could be infused with a sense of faith and profound connectedness. Spiritual retreats, texts and practices can bring about epiphany now. Unconscious issues may finally be brought to the surface and breakthroughs in consciousness can take place if you're open to them. On a more pragmatic level, you may act as someone's guardian angel, perhaps finding grace in serving the needy. Note: You get one last reminder of how your creative dreams conflict with your financial needs. This is a solvable problem, but the answers won’t come from trying to micro-manage a favorable outcome. Surrender to flow and have faith.


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  (11th house)

New friends may come into your life now, bringing a renewed sense of possibility. The New Moon here energizes your social and business networks, so it's a good time to get out and schmooze. There's a good chance friends could bring new opportunities or help you realize a goal. In fact, goal-setting of all kinds is especially productive now. Your hopes and dreams may feel more achievable now than they have in a long time. You may even find that you've already realized a long-held dream on this lunation. Note: You’re getting one last reminder that you can’t be all things to all people—especially where your family is concerned. Sometimes it’s refreshing to recognize where you’ve been fooling yourself. Stay in your integrity. Time to conquer old feelings of lack and let them go.


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising (10th house)

Your career may bring rewards and epiphany now. With the New Moon here, you're ready to get noticed by the higher ups. And indeed, it's very likely your efforts will be recognized. Perhaps you're being given a promotion or maybe you're just ready to plot a course to one. Career plans made now are more likely to bear fruit. You may even be dealing with a dominant parent in a new way or with newfound confidence. Your relationship to authority is getting a big boost, either way. This moment marks a new beginning in how your achievements are seen by the world. Note: Clarity is elusive now and your high expectations may have taken a toll on you. Time to confront the fact that you’re not superhuman. Remember, rest can be productive. Release the need to be everyone’s role model, just for a little while.


aquarius or aquarius Rising (9th house)

This New Moon may bring a wealth of bold, new ideas, even epiphany. Your higher mind is infused with cosmic energy this next two weeks. This lunation also brings luck to any legal proceedings, long distance travel or educational pursuits. It's a good time to consider your own worldview, your ethics and the veracity of your beliefs. Perhaps you're ready to cultivate a new way of being. Maybe you're opening up to new cultures. This is a moment of expansion, broadening your mind and welcoming new ways of being. Note: You get one more reminder of the confusion and disappointment that results when you expect more than is realistic from friends. It’s a good idea to do some soul-searching now. You’ll know how to proceed after the fog clears.


PISCES or Pisces Rising  (8th house)

On this New Moon, you may reap rewards for sacrifices made recently. This lunation could also bring rewards to your partner that indirectly benefit you. Issues that relate to investments, taxes, your mortgage or alimony may be highlighted during the next two weeks. Here, a crisis may be resolved or avoided altogether. Intimacy, sexual and otherwise, is renewed. There's a depth of understanding about the complexities of life that comes now. Perhaps a sense of healing is palpable or you sense the end to a long period of grieving. Note: You’re reminded of the confusing disconnect between your professional success and who you are apart from what you do. It may feel safer to hide in plain sight. Instead, try to get more realistic about your goals and release those that feel inauthentic.