The full moon in your chart 


Each month, the Full Moon brings us to an emotional peak in specific areas of life. Its influence can last for about a week. The Full Moon can mark a conclusion or resolution. Below are forecasts for the Full Moon at 6° Capricorn on June . 27-28. It's most accurate if you read for your Rising Sign. Go here to calculate your natal chart and determine your Rising Sign.


ARIES or Aries Rising (Fourth house)

Issues at home and with family reach a pivotal point now. The Full Moon in the fourth house brings heightened emotion around relatives. We store childhood memories in this part of our charts and with a Full Moon here, you may feel especially nostalgic. There's also a chance you're putting the finishing touches on a home rehab or real estate transaction. Now's the time to settle in and nest.


TAURUS or Taurus Rising (Fifth house)  

It's a good time for socializing! You may be preoccupied with having fun with the Full Moon here. There's also a chance you're finishing up a creative project and preparing to release it to the world. This Full Moon also brings potency to your romantic life. There could be endings or revelations in that area that make it clear where you stand, once and for all. 


GEMINI or Gemini Rising (Sixth house)

When the light of the Full Moon shines on your health, it's an opportunity to schedule a check-up or shed some weight with a cleansing new regimen. The sixth house also rules work and routine, so you may be ready for a change in both. Perhaps issues on the job finally come to a head and demand attention. Be open to shedding old habits. 


Cancer or Cancer Rising (Seventh house)

Your serious relationships and how you respond to them are highlighted now. The Full Moon here swells emotion between you and a partner. Perhaps you're ready to make a commitment or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you may want to release a relationship that's no longer working. Either way, this marks a turning point with others. Be open to compromise. 


LEO or Leo Rising (Eighth house)

Joint resources, intimacy issues and their connection to self-worth and income reach a point of release or clarity now. You're likely preoccupied with your earning abilities or maybe you're having a crisis of confidence. With the Full Moon here, embrace opportunities for depth of understanding. It's time to face these issues head-on. Your mantra is: Trust creates flow. 


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  (Ninth house)

You're filled to the brim with high-minded ideas and ready to share them with the world. Maybe a philosophical shift took place that is now fully realized. Or perhaps you're just beginning to realize how much your beliefs have evolved. This Full Moon could indicate opportunities to teach and learn, especially esoteric concepts now. You may find opportunities to travel, too !


LIBRA or Libra Rising (Tenth house) 

With the Full Moon in your career sector, you could find yourself garnering more attention from higher-ups. The spotlight is on your accomplishments now and rewards could be forthcoming. Perhaps a professional goal is achieved,  ending one chapter and setting the stage for a new one. Enjoy the moment. Your hard work is paying off.  


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising (Eleventh house)

Your friends and business networks are where your focus is with the Full Moon in your eleventh house. You could resolve issues with work colleagues now. It's also a time ripe for inspiration. You may find yourself dreaming big during the next two weeks. Take time to assess your goals. You might find you've achieved more than you thought. 


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  (Twelfth house)

It may be time to take a break and integrate all you've experienced during the last month. The Full Moon in the twelfth house is an invitation to rest and reflect. It also illuminates the unseen during this period, offering a glimpse into places in your psyche you rarely acknowledge. A philosophical shift is happening on a deep level now. You're poised for epiphany. Be available for divine guidance.  


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising (First house)

The Full Moon in the first house acts as as spotlight, so don't be surprised if you get more attention than usual in the next two weeks. Emotions may run high and you're more apt to make your feelings known now. Despite what your ego is telling you, it's not you against the world. You're just being called upon to assert yourself.


AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising (Second house) 

Resources and joint assets, intimacy and self-worth are highlighted for you now. It may be time to reassess your budget. The second house is our personal inventory and now is a good time get paid or file those invoices. Or you could be more apt to spend money with the Full Moon here. Luxury is especially alluring now. Your mantra is: Embrace abundance.


PISCES or Pisces Rising  (Third house)

This could be a busy time as ideas begin to bear fruit and draw new people into your circle. You may find yourself out and about now, running errands or taking short trips. A Full Moon in the third house of communication can signal a need for important talks and presentations. Channel any anxiety into meditation. Your mantra is: Clarity is mine.