ARIES or Aries rising  

This full moon demands action of you. But this isn’t just about suiting up for the fight. You’re so good at that part. No, this one is about vulnerability. Consider allowing your partner access to your fragility. Consider this an act of courage. Because even Rocky lets himself cry. Open your clenched fist and open your heart. Consider what it means to be fiercely inter-dependent. Let this be your birthday gift to yourself. This level of honesty only amplifies your already potent fire power now. You’re everyone’s hero. And it probably feels awesome to know the fearsome power you can wield when called upon. Sometimes though you only get a helping hand when you’re brave enough to admit you need one.


TAURUS or Taurus Rising  

Your routines are often your salvation. Typically, you’re pretty decisive. But life isn’t as settled as you’d like it to be right now. This full moon is offering a respite from your deliberations – if only you’d take it. Take the time to tend to your wounds. It’s true you don’t readily suffer fools. And on the job, you’re seeing a lot of foolishness. You may feel compelled to clear the air. You’re a slow burn kind of person. But earlier this month, something shifted. You may be finding it harder to hold your tongue. I say, speak your piece. You’re actually more objective and empowered now. You may even find the powers that be more receptive to your message around this Full Moon. It’s time to set some boundaries. Stand confidently in your integrity.


GEMINI or Gemini Rising  

Something transcendent wants to come through you. It may feel like anxiety right now, but the truth is, it’s your inner child awakening in a new way. This Mercury Retrograde may have you thinking deep thoughts about your status in life, your career and where you want to take it. You’re in a longer cycle of healing the dreamer in you. You’re transforming aspects of self that have been hidden for a lifetime. This is a true breakthrough moment. Embrace the gifts and downloads coming to you now. Release any residual fear around worthiness. Share your understanding of joy with the world. We all need it now.


Cancer or Cancer Rising   

You’re waking up to an entirely new sense of yourself now. The breakthroughs still may feel unsettling, but they’re happening where dreams are made. Your goals, hopes and wishes are shifting dramatically. You’re accessing something extra dimensional, even. It’s a moment of healing and clarity around who you are in the world and what your presence truly means on a metaphysical level. It’s also time to confront the ways your upbringing shaped your ideas about what is possible. There’s a difference between healthy boundaries and self-imposed limitations. You want to lean into the former. Release the beliefs that you know are holding you back. Create space for the impossible dream.


LEO or Leo Rising  

We’re all ears Leo. Now’s the time to get your point across. Don’t spend too much time second-guessing yourself. It’s tempting to want to wait for perfection. But you’ve just entered an exciting and dynamic professional whirlwind. Change is the new reality for you in career. Prepare to be amazed. Serendipity will lead you to a new way of being in the world. But you have to be willing to be spontaneous. You’re truly ready to let the real you shine. This a time for honesty and authenticity. Just show up as yourself. The accolades and applause will be more heartfelt when they come. And they’re coming. Use the next ten days to refine your message.


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  

Your decision-making process isn’t as cut and dried as you’d like it to be. Confusion really triggers a lot of fear. Right now, you may find it hard to square your own need for freedom with the demands of your partner and or children — or even your inner child. Try not to expect perfection. This is a time of life editing. You have a real chance now to refine your creative self-expression and even make your hobby a profession. Just because the path ahead is murky doesn’t mean it’s treacherous. Maybe this is just a hint from the Cosmos to reflect on where you’ve been before you set off on a decade of consciousness-raising adventures. Clarify your values. Finalize a budget. Consider where you’ve equated income with self-worth. Then give yourself some credit for doing the work.


LIBRA or Libra Rising 

This full moon acts as a spotlight on you and your partner. Maybe they’re struggling to feel capable. And you’re just worn out from the rigors of family duty. You’re due for some fun, actually. Lighten up. Give yourself a day off. You’re not so indispensable that you can’t just go get a mani-pedi, for God’s sake. Besides, you need to cultivate more self-care. Uranus just entered your house of change, transformation and your partner’s income. In other words, time to learn the lessons of flexibility. The antidote to any anxiety around this is time spent with your friends and neighbors. Get out and socialize. Try out that infamous Libra charm on someone new. Romance your partner like it’s the first time. Your laundry isn’t going anywhere.


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising  

This full moon may bring some secrets to light. If anyone can uncover hidden information, it’s you. This time, though, the subject of your research is your own deep psyche. You’re feeling more empowered and self-confident than you have in a while. Give yourself some time for renewal during the next few days. Enjoy some time at home. With some peace and quiet, you may be able to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Your mind is clear, even though your kids and creative endeavors are still confusing af. You may have more patience for your partner’s need for freedom. You’re mastering a new level of transformation.


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  

It may be time to clear the air with some friends, siblings or neighbors. Everybody knows you’re no shrinking violet. And this year, you’ve got the power of Jupiter egging you on. Maybe your ego is a bit wounded. Or maybe you’re just ready for a new dream, a new goal— a whole new tribe. You’ve achieved so much already this year. Now, you’re feeling like you can achieve the impossible. You may be so restless for change you get in your own way. Just try to slow down if you can. Start a new health routine — something a little weird and metaphysical. You have begun a decade-long process of transcendent self-actualization. But you don’t have to master everything all at once.


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising  

It’s about time you get a little recognition for your efforts. Right? You are the yeoman of the zodiac, Dear Capricorn. Carrying the load for the rest of us. On this full moon, you’re finally under the stage lights, showing what you’re really worth. All those ingrates are finally looking up from their phones and noticing your hard work. You may even be willing to give yourself a little credit this time. It has been a long haul — and the journey isn’t over. You’ve let go of people, places and things in the last two years. You’ve been feeling your age. Big time. But you’re in the home stretch and you’ve gained so much mastery. When are you going to launch your presidential bid, anyway?


AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising  

This may be your moment to set sail. The winds are right. The ground is moving under your feet. And you’ve never looked better, IMHO. There’s just the little matter of believing in yourself. Your wisdom is highlighted on this full moon. You may feel so faith-FULL. Your consciousness is amplified. This is epiphany time. The last two years have been rigorous and challenging. For months and months, your brand was crisis. But all those tests taught you how to let go. You may still be digging up a skeleton or two this year, so you can continue to lighten your karmic load. At the time, though, you’re stepping into a new chapter, a new version of yourself. You have lost the ability to phone it in. You are your most authentic self — 24/7.


PISCES or Pisces Rising 

Commune with the depths of your soul on this full moon. Moments of bliss and oneness may overtake you. Divine healing around self-worth is yours. The conflict lies in your own mind. Though you aren’t one to resist a good cry, you may find yourself trying to intellectualize your emotions on the full moon. But that’s counter-productive. Some intense aspect of your healing journey is culminating now. Your concepts of surrender and sacrifice, give and take need tending. Maybe you’re ready to forgive an ex. Maybe you’re ready to forgive yourself. The breakthoughs in thinking available to you now are just the beginning.