The Astrology of You
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The Astrology of You

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Mister Rogers was right. You’re special. Your Natal Chart explains exactly how.

Ever wonder why your BFFs love you? Chances are, it’s not why you think

In a 10-minute astrology reading, you’ll learn how your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are the architects of your life. They’re how you show up in job interviews, what you’re like as a spouse and how you handle conflict. Knowing these celestial symbols is a shortcut to the meaning of your life.

In this first class in the Be Your Own Astrologer series, you’ll learn a few core astrological techniques that are surprisingly easy and incredibly powerful.

Using your own Natal Chart — the map of the sky the minute you were born—you’ll gain  a clear understanding of your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs and how they can help you feel truly satisfied with your life.

I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process of delineating your own chart. I’ll tell you what horoscope to read – and why it’s probably not the one you’re reading now!   

And I’ll help you use your own chart to create the narrative of your most authentic self. You leave with a copy of your Natal Chart and a downloadable PDF of the PowerPoint.

Copies of my e-book “Be Your Own Astrologer” can be added to ticket purchase at check out for an additional $15

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