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The Astrology of You

  • Osho Collective Salon + Wellness Spa 2309 Grandview Avenue Nashville, TN, 37211 United States (map)

Mister Rogers was right. You’re special. Your Natal Chart explains exactly how.

Ever wonder why your BFFs love you? Chances are, it’s not why you think

In a 10-minute astrology reading, you’ll learn how your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are the architects of your life. They’re how you show up in job interviews, what you’re like as a spouse and how you handle conflict. Knowing these celestial symbols is a shortcut to the meaning of your life.

In this first class in the Be Your Own Astrologer series, you’ll learn a few core astrological techniques that are surprisingly easy and incredibly powerful.

Using your own Natal Chart — the map of the sky the minute you were born—you’ll gain  a clear understanding of your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs and how they can help you feel truly satisfied with your life.

I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process of delineating your own chart. I’ll tell you what horoscope to read – and why it’s probably not the one you’re reading now!   

And I’ll help you use your own chart to create the narrative of your most authentic self. You leave with a copy of your Natal Chart and a downloadable PDF of the PowerPoint.

Copies of my e-book “Be Your Own Astrologer” can be added to ticket purchase at check out for an additional $15