October 2017 Horoscopes


ARIES or Aries Rising

There's an intensity and drive to your work life as the month opens. You could be enlivened by activities that might otherwise feel routine. Perhaps you're discovering a depth in your work that you didn't know existed. Or maybe you're just excited and rejuvenated by the prospect of transforming your day-to-day regimen. A Full Moon in your sign Oct. 5 puts the spotlight on you and encourages you to speak your truth to power. But be cautious as there's a volatility to this lunation for you, particularly where your relationship to authority is concerned and the control you feel it has over you. During Oct. 8-15 and again at month's end, you may be grappling with a sense of frustration and wounding in a significant relationship. Rather than prepare for battle, try to talk your way through the difficulty. By the Libra New Moon Oct. 19, in your relationship sector, you might find it was worth the effort. On Oct. 11, Jupiter, which has graced your serious partnerships for the last year, moves into your house of joint resources and intimacy. For the next year, you'll have good luck and grace in areas of taxes, inheritance and even sex. Just be mindful not to take on more debt than is realistically manageable. Stay open to different perspectives the third week of the month, and you could find yourself pleasantly surprised with how it works out. 


TAURUS or Taurus Rising  

Your creative juices are flowing now and during the first few days of October you could feel especially clear about the profound ways a new relationship, or even your child, is shifting your beliefs. The Full Moon Oct. 5 could reveal how this shifting perspective is changing ideas about work or your day to day routines. From Oct. 8-15, you may feel tension around issues of intimacy and joint resources. You could be at odds with a female friend, a dispute that touches an old wound. There's a simmering creative tension that demands you communicate yourself in the most authentic way. On Oct. 11, Jupiter, the planet of bounty and optimism, moves from your work sector where he may have contributed to a period of workaholism into your serious partnerships. This could signal a marriage or engagement or even prosperity for a partner. Your longterm partnerships become a source of joy and good luck for the next year. Enjoy! Things continue to lighten up from Oct. 16-23 first with the New Moon on Oct. 19 renewing your health and well-being and refreshing your ideas sense of optimism in all your important relationships. From Oct. 23 to month's end, your attention turns back to power struggles at work. Just remember to harness your negotiating power. You've got luck on your side.


GEMINI or Gemini Rising 

Your focus this month is on creative thinking, perhaps around issues of home and family. Your health could feel especially robust the week of Oct. 1-7 and you're likely optimistic about the potential of a groundbreaking new idea. Indeed the Oct. 5 Full Moon could generate a formidable boost to that endeavor. Try not to overthink things the week of Oct. 8-15 as ambient tension could trigger the people around you, particularly family. Everyone's feeling a little vulnerable. Fortunately, on Oct. 11, Jupiter, which has amplified your creative powers and maybe the number of children in your life, moves into your work sector. Be mindful against over-work for the next year. Instead, use Jupiter's charms to enhance joy on the job and your overall health and well-being. From Oct. 16-23, you likely feel a burst of optimism thanks to the New Moon Oct. 19 and maybe even another breakthrough that helps solidify partnership issues. By the week of Oct. 23, you may e able to glide through any moments of self-doubt or confusion on the work front, bolstered by a strong sense of well-being. Be mindful of looming power struggles, perhaps over money, with children or a new romance Oct. 28. It's best to talk through your issues as you'll have the ability to go deep without getting mired in drama.


Cancer or Cancer Rising  

There's a real opportunity to bring much-needed peace into your most important relationships during the week of Oct. 1-7. Just try not to over-react on the Full Moon Oct. 5. It's a volatile one for a lot of us. For you, it's likely going to bring some career issues to a head. Through the week of Oct. 8-16, there's more opportunity to bring love and understanding into family dynamics. However, work life could grow unusually tense and misunderstandings could even trigger a crisis of faith, particularly Oct. 9-13. At the same time, you could be contemplating your own well-being and finding healthy ways to restructure your routines. Fortunately, from Oct. 11 for a full year, you'll have Jupiter gracing your house of fun, romance and creativity. Even fame. You've had this same good luck focused on your family and home for the last year. Now you may find yourself getting out more and enjoying life. From Oct. 15-27, you'll likely get even more relief and opportunities for fun. The New Moon on Oct. 19 brings an opportunity for renewal on the home front. Back in April, you may have let go in some productive way with family that has cleared the way for new growth there. Creative thinking and a willingness to go deep with partners is key.


LEO or Leo Rising

This month is all about reaching out to your neighbors, cultivating new acquaintances and harnessing your earning power. Your self-worth and income are getting a boost now. You could feel like a powerhouse on the work front as the month opens. Try to pace yourself. The Full Moon on Oct. 5 could bring a crisis of faith to a head, particularly where your work is concerned. For a week or so after, your confidence may be shaken and an old wound triggered. But on Oct. 11, you'll have Jupiter on your side, bringing a deep sense of well-being and security to the home front. After a year spent launching into the world of ideas and new acquaintances, Jupiter brings its bounty to your family, beautifying your home in the process, for a full year. By Oct. 17, you could find some clarity or a surprising breakthrough that brings a refreshing sense of well-being that lasts through Oct. 25. The Oct. 19 New Moon is a lucky one, particularly on the home front. You may find yourself teaching around this lunation, and your wisdom hits home with your students. As the month ends, you'll find yourself consumed by writing, meetings and short trips. While there's an intensity to it all, you find it also brings about an empowering sense of self.


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  

 For most of the month, you are full of charisma and drive, feeling more attractive and outgoing than usual. The Oct. 5 Full Moon illuminates your shared assets, income and self-worth. You may find yourself talking more intimately about values or money with a partner but still not entirely clear on where you both stand. Your confidence may be shaken slightly the week of Oct. 8-15 as your clear insight and good judgment seems to be fall on deaf ears, particularly those of a relative or a serious partner. Or it could be that resolving issues at home take more effort than they should. On Oct. 11, though, Jupiter shifts houses after bolstering your sense of self-worth for the last year, he now launches you into your community, expanding opportunities to socialize and even teach. You may find during this year-long transit that you're writing and speaking out more, eager to meet new people. The week of Oct. 16-23, you have an abundant and excitable New Moon reviving your earned income and self-worth. Overall, this week could bring good news about money and work. As the month closes, you'll be feeling especially social, adventuresome and filled with optimism. 


LIBRA or Libra Rising 

Happy Birthday! This month shines a spotlight on you and your relationships, though you could spend the first two weeks of the month preparing, contemplating or helping others before the more dramatic launch after Oct. 15. During the Oct. 5 Full Moon and particularly from Oct. 8-15, you may find your momentum stymied by convention or by a bossy relative or even a financial issue. But there's breakthrough energy available during the Oct. 19 New Moon and while issues of self vs other may arise, there's likely an exciting and beneficial outcome for you. You're likely ending a chapter with some longterm partners and beginning anew with others. For the last year, you've had the benefit of Jupiter in your sign, expanding your sense of self and bringing good luck and supportive people to you. On Oct. 11, Jupiter moves into your income sector, amplifying your earning power with good luck and easy money, where it stays for a year. You may find yourself acquiring new luxuries after Oct. 11 and through month's end, particularly those that make you feel beautiful. Just be wary of over-confidence leading to over-spending. From Oct. 22-31, you may find it easier to bring a spiritual approach to your day-to-day life. You'll be filled with optimism and even the occasional power struggle can't dim the sense of empowerment you're feeling now.  


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising

You may be feeling especially popular as the month opens, empowered by your friends and neighbors. You may have been a source of help and healing for others during this last year. The Oct. 5 Full Moon could spotlight work and well-being, and perhaps the fact that you need some time in contemplation to heal. For most of the year, you've been called to upend your routines to access a deep inner wisdom that only comes from drastic change. Last month you may have felt as if you're hiding your light under a bushel. That's about to change. Jupiter, the planet of bounty and good luck, of wisdom and faith, shifts into your sign on Oct. 11, bringing an entire year's worth of good vibes to your life. From Oct. 8-15, though, everyone will be feeling frustrated or disempowered. For you, this may be a short-lived crisis of confidence. By the week of Oct. 16-23,  you'll get a refreshing boost of optimism and can-do spirit energizing your work life and income-generating skills, particularly around the Oct. 19 New Moon. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your sign and for the next four weeks, you're the favorite of the Zodiac. Though you may not be one to welcome the spotlight, embrace the attention, open yourself to possibility. Allow someone to see the real you and let them celebrate your depth and complexity, creativity and intensity.


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  

You may be enjoying a great reputation as the month opens, with your charm and capability paying off with a raise or at least the promise of one. You've probably had enormous support from your social networks and friends for the last year, relationships that have helped catapult your creative projects forward. The Full Moon Oct. 5 could feel loaded. You may feel emotionally moved to take a stand for your beliefs and values or feel called to speak out on a controversial issue.  The week of Oct. 8-15 could feel frustrating as everyone seems to be butting heads. For you, the friction could take place with your boss or some other authority. Your ruler Jupiter shifts into the most spiritual part of your chart Oct. 11 where it will enlighten and rejuvenate you for a full year. Here, you may find yourself driven to help others more. Dreams and meditation could produce epiphany during this year, so try to make time for some deep thinking. By the week of Oct. 16-23 and the New Moon on Oct. 19, whatever got kicked up at the Full Moon will have settled and you could be feeling more optimistic and accomplished. The month closes with a contemplative vibe that could help you confront some tender places in your psyche without getting overwhelmed by them.  


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising 

You may be preoccupied with your public standing now.  You're nearing the end of a difficult two-and-a-half year journey to the center of your psyche and by December, the wisdom gained will finally be more evident. For now, you could be feeling especially secure in your beliefs, empowered by a renewed sense of faith. The Oct. 5 Full Moon may brings things on the home front to a head or resolve an ongoing argument with family. Breakthrough and disruption has probably marked your relationships with relatives this year. From Oct. 8-15, you may feel your ability to transform or take charge is being stymied by some old beliefs or responsibilities. You may not feel heard. That should shift by the week of Oct. 16-23, though, when you could gain support from an ally or friend. The Oct. 11 shift of Jupiter's grace into your social networks and dream-building sector, could expand your contact list and draw more helpful friends. The Oct. 19 New Moon amplifies the unexpected with family and home-based projects, though there's a lot of luck around events. If you're eager to begin anew with a relative or even jump-start career talks, this is a good time. During Oct. 23-31, the emphasis moves to a month-long effort of goal-setting and network-building. Try to turn down your inner critic and get out there and mingle. There will be something especially charismatic about you now that could give you a strategic advantage. 



AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising 

There may be some soul-searching for you early in October as you attempt to talk yourself through an epiphany. This one may have to do with how you communicate a sense of purpose through your career. It's likely you've winnowed your social network quite a bit in the last two and a half years. Around the Full Moon on Oct. 5, you could finally have a breakthrough in thinking, and rediscover a connection to neighbors or other acquaintances that feels important to your personal growth. From Oct. 8-15, try to remove yourself from the crises that seem to bloom around you by taking time out for meditation. When in doubt, set some new goals. This is how you address the fear that bubbles up about income and shared resources. With the Oct. 11 shift of Jupiter into your career sector and the New Moon on Oct. 19, it's time to set new intentions for your career in the coming year. Use the wisdom of friends if need be, but think outside the box. This brings renewed optimism to your career and energizes your imagination. You may even get some accolades from your boss.


PISCES or Pisces Rising  

The focus as October opens could be a renewed sense of romance and fun in your committed relationships. And after the Oct. 5 Full Moon brings one last bit of news on a years-long series of financial crises - perhaps resolving them once and for all - you'll find that October is a kinder gentler month than we've had in a while. From Oct. 8-15, you could be working out some disagreements with your boss and work colleagues. Or perhaps you find yourself playing referee. By Oct. 11, you could feel your state of mind elevate and spiritual teachings calling to you. This is the beginning of a yearlong period of spiritual and cultural exploration. You may find yourself researching exotic vacation spots or toying with the idea of grad school. The Oct. 19 New Moon feels like a fresh start in all those troublesome areas of joint resources. You or your partner may get an unexpected influx of cash that helps you finally get a handle on your money issues. Try not to get too bogged down with self-doubt during Oct. 23-31. When in doubt, pull out some of your old esoteric texts and dive in. Something divine is calling to you now. Inspiration is yours if you make yourself available.