here are times when life demands the best of you.

Life is a team sport. But most of us play all by ourselves.

Maybe you're like me. You know how to tough it out. You're a survivor.

Maybe you just need to be reminded that real strength is having the courage to be vulnerable. It's allowing someone the pleasure of supporting you.

Maybe it's time you give yourself some special treatment.

the offerings

All sessions are recorded via video conference and provided as a digital file along with a copy of the Natal Chart.

The Introductory Session - First-Timers Start Here — $99

Welcome to your paradigm-shifter. This is an introduction to a deeper way of seeing yourself and the world. But don't worry, I don't use a lot of astrology-speak. Instead, we talk truth. Using your birth data, I'll describe your soul path, your greatest strengths, challenges, your karma, the recent past and the year ahead and how to make the most of opportunity and how to quickly recover from challenges. My aim is to validate your experience, bring healing to any areas of suffering and inspire you to like yourself more.

The Problem Solver Session - Existing Clients Only — $140

Okay, so you've had a breakthrough/breakdown. Or you've tried everything and you're still stuck. Now we problem-solve. We drill down to find your core beliefs and how they're shaping your experience. I use your chart to nurture and nudge you into a more hopeful and self-empowered place. You leave relieved and more clear on your next steps.

The V.I.P. TREATMENT — Existing Clients Only — $85 down, then $35 per week

After you’ve experienced the ONE HOUR session, you’re eligible for personalized, weekly check-ins.

This is astrology, coaching and metaphysics.

Good for: Confidence. Brainstorming. Problem solving. Crisis management. Transitions.


You subscribe for a 6-week package, paying $85 down.

Then each week, for the next 6 weeks, $35 is drafted from your account.

In return, you receive:

-- 20 minutes every week to discuss whatever range of issues you're experiencing.

--I offer bespoke readings, meditations, healing modalities, behavior adjustments and channeled guidance from your angelic team.

-- You also receive my weekly newsletter, free downloads and other discounted offerings

--I keep you on task. Help you refine goals and hold your hand while you cry. Oh and there's magic I share with you every time too!


“Everything we talked about came to pass. I was thinking about you this past weekend because I am so happy and you were instrumental in laying out the path."

Huffington Post executive

"Great to work with you! The team really enjoyed the experience."

NBC Universal vice president

"I always walk away feeling incredibly empowered with a greater sense of clarity and purpose about where I’m going and the next steps to get there. Even when Saturn was grinding through my first house, Gina gave practical solutions and clear explanations about why I was being triggered. Her deep understanding of the science and the art of astrology set her apart. Her commitment to continual study, intuition and compassionate heart merit my highest recommendation."

Former Fox TV Executive

“You’ve helped me more than you know. For all the kicks in the gut the universe gives us, it also seems to give us what and WHO we need to get through it. I’m so grateful to have met you.”


"Gina, you are such an incredible human being!!! It was so incredibly rewarding + a fuel tank FILLer to see you + have my reading plus lady astral salon hang. You truly are such a remarkable gift!"

CBS television Stylist

"Ever since I had a session with Gina, I've been more aware of our universe and how it guides and effects me. She gave me so much insight on myself and guided me on how to better relate to others. She is amazing."

Jewelry Designer/Entrepreneur


“I feel uplifted. I have so much clarity."

Wellness entrepreneur

"It's as though she's reading my deepest thoughts and giving me guidance amongst the most intangible. Too many times to count, an event occurred very close to how Gina suggested it would happen."

Former Hulu Executive

“I was going through quite a transition in my life and Gina's gentle and profound vision and interpretation of my chart was spot on, which continues to be a helpful guide. I've listened to my recording over and over again, hearing new gems every time. What I found most helpful is how applicable the information has been.”


"“My partner and I have been making leaps and bounds in our relationship and learning more everyday about each other and what it takes to be successful within our union. I don’t think ANY of what we are learning and moving through would have been able to happen if it weren’t for our astrology reading!”

Massage therapist


The map of the sky, the moment you were born is like a GPS for the soul.

GinaatOjai copy.jpg

work with me



These hour-long sessions are priced to be affordable. I want you to take your Natal Chart for a spin. See what it can do. I’ll need your birth time, day, month, year and location. Yes, the birth time really matters.

Before we meet, download At your appointment time, click this link to connect via video conference.

My astrology is going to blow your mind.

Not an exaggeration.

And here's why.

I debunked this kind of stuff when I was a staff writer at the LA Times. 

As a journalist, I studied astrology in secret, trying, unsuccessfully, to disprove it all the while.

Astrology helped me navigate the dating game. It helped save my marriage. More than once. And when my daughter ran into trouble, it gave me hope.

It relieved me every time.

What I found was the uncanny truth of it. 

You're going to see what I mean.


  • Remind you of your hidden strengths and talents. Show you how to revive them.

  • Find you on your path. Guide you toward the best routes on your way.

  • Talk relationships — what you want and what you’re not getting, and why.

  • Then we’ll talk solutions — new habits, readings, journaling exercises, meditations, healing modalities and/or rituals to fill your cup.


The V.I.P. Treatment is a leveling up.

That's not an exaggeration either, because here's what I've found.

The clients who commit to their own growth in this way see results. Quickly.

This is part psychology, part magic.

And I speak as a skeptic/mystic here. Remember, I debunked this kind of stuff when I was a staff writer at the LA Times. 

Here's the psychology: Once you put down hard-earned cash, you have already made up your mind that you're ready to work.

When we're committed, we shift energy in the Cosmos. We magnetize change and opportunity into our lives.

But there's something metaphysical at work here, too.

Astrology locates you in your own unique reality. It's kind of like that red pill/blue pill scene from "The Matrix."

Once you engage with your own destiny, you experience your life from a more elevated place.

You get a bird's eye view of your problems. You begin to make decisions from a soul perspective.

So make the most of this moment. Think hard about your thorniest questions.

What's really plaguing you?

Gina and Joan 1973.jpg


hat's me up there. Holding my little sister, realizing my life was about to change for the worse.

In many ways, mine was a typical 1970s childhood.

Liberated mom.

Hippie theater and nudist camps.

"Kramer vs. Kramer"-style custody battle.

A childhood lived a plane ride away from my mother.

Maybe "typical" isn't the word.

Ultimately, though, I turned out a lot like how I imagine you did — fiercely independent, driven, with a high-profile job—and a monster fraud complex.

I put in the work. Dug deep in therapy. Dated mostly troubled souls like me.

I finally gave up the notion that I was unlovable and just like that, I met my soul mate.

After three years in couples therapy, spent resolving our mutual addictions — his to alcohol, mine to him — we had a baby.

Then shit got real.

My ob-gyn told me flatly, "You know, when you give birth, you're actually rebirthing yourself."

She wasn't kidding. My daughter cracked open a lifetime of longing I hadn't known was there. Unresolved shame and grief swallowed me whole.

My enviable job interviewing celebrities felt soul-crushing and hollow.

I was on the red carpet at the Oscars, watching George Clooney swan toward me when I realized: I can't do this anymore.

And by "this" I meant ME.

I quit my job at the Los Angeles Times to work my muddled childhood story like an investigative piece.

I called the lawyers who'd represented my parents in 1976. I interviewed my 85-year-old Nana, scrawling her uneven quotes in my reporter's pads.

All in search of an unanswerable question: Why me?

I actually thought I could do an end-around my feelings and just narrate my way to healing.

Pretty soon, I was hovering on the edge of a panic attack 24/7, replaying all my worst memories, all while my little girl watched.

To find my center again, I started meditating.

It wasn't what I expected. I started seeing angels everywhere. Or at least that's what I chose to call those 15-foot light beings I saw hovering lovingly around every child at the park. (This was before pot was legal in California, btw.)

For a while, I thought I was losing my mind. Maybe I was.

My meditations evolved into daily states of grace. I tip-toed and then dove head-first into the esoteric arts. I learned Reiki. I tried every cleanse/sound healing/soul retrieval/sweat lodge I could find.

I got serious about astrology and enrolled in Kepler College, earning my Natal Astrology certification.

All of it helped me heal. But the astrology brought me back to myself. It answered my big life questions with uncanny precision.

It pieced together all the shards of my journey into a narrative.

It helped me cultivate genuine self-love. It helped me forgive my parents and show up for my daughter and break an ancestral cycle.

It helped me see that joy and suffering are cyclical.

That's my story. What's yours?

Let me know.