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Gabrielle Caldwell

Gabrielle is co-owner of Osho Collective Salon + Wellness Spa and The Sacred Reunion, a multi-dimensional healing modality that brings the mind-body into alignment. She’s certified in the ReUnion Process and Family Constellations — processes that identify the voice of the higher self and teach clients how to apply that wisdom to daily life.

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— Gabrielle

blaire morriss

Clinical aromatherapist, Blaire is a former Nurse Practitioner and Health Coaching Certificate program developer and faculty of Osher at Vanderbilt and creator of the Oil Jar, and private Integrative Medicine practitioner. She completed 440 hours of training in aromatherapy and herbalism to become a certified aromatherapist and launch her own private practice.

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— Blaire

gina piccalo

An astrologer and life coach, Gina is a former Los Angeles Times staff writer with two decades experience as a journalist and a memoir under her belt. She began studying astrology in the early 1990s and got her Natal Chart certification from Kepler College in 2014. Her high-profile clients include ABC and NBC network executives, law partners, creatives and healers of all stripes.

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— Gina