Photo courtesy Annie Colbeck

Photo courtesy Annie Colbeck

How It Works

I need your birth day, month, year, city, country and — this is the tricky part — your exact birth time. This allows me to create a map of our solar system from your precise vantage point, at the very instant you were born. Using this map as a guide, I can time life events, analyze your personality and give you the most thoughtful reading possible. Otherwise, you're just not getting the depth of understanding and awareness that astrology can offer. 

But fear not! If your mother's memory is fallible and your hospital neglected to note the time on your birth certificate, I can rectify your chart. Rectification requires an additional fee and some more information. To rectify your chart, I'll need the dates of three to five significant life events, i.e. graduations, awards, births, deaths, marriages, divorces. Then I can zero in on your most likely birth time — and off we go! 

What to expect

For your first-time, I'll begin with key details about your personality, your true purpose, your core fears and beliefs and how it all influences your life's path. I'll describe your persona and how different or similar that is from your authentic self. I'll talk about your hidden strengths and how to tap them.

Then, I'll move to current life trends, both short-term and long term. I'll describe and validate the struggles you're experiencing and give guidance on how to cope. I'll give a range of dates for all the major events and epiphanies coming your way.

At any time, we can target the consultation to specific areas of your choice, ranging from career to health to relationship or just general personal growth. You'll leave with a sense of empowerment and a clearer understanding of your path. 

What Not to Expect

There's a bit of mystery involved in astrology. It's synchronistic, intuitive and often startling. I have a sometimes uncanny ability to read a person and identify his or her best path forward. Astrology helps me access that talent. 

My techniques won't tell you how many children you'll have. Instead, I can tell you what kind of parent you might become and give you a range of fertile days. My insight is pointed and specific but in no way replaces that of a trained medical professional or a financial expert.

Astrology can help with timing, but rather than an exact moment, I can give you a range of good days to get married or have surgery or ask for a raise. It works in tandem with free will. You are at the center of your own experience. Astrology is like a cosmic weather forecast.