September 2017 Horoscopes


ARIES or Aries Rising

It's likely you're still reeling from romantic upheaval or a crisis of confidence, particularly as it relates to self-expression. Something deep and unsettling was triggered last month that you'd just as soon ignore. As September opens, you may find your second wind. A restless sense of individuality will be hard to tamp down early on in the month. You're fired up creatively, particularly through Sept. 3. And though there's still a good bit of confusion surrounding your work life, the Pisces Full Moon in your House of Renewal, may offer a refreshing epiphany that brings some peace of mind. Meanwhile, take every opportunity you have for fun before Sept. 10. After that, you're likely to be very busy. From Sept. 11-19, that deep, even unconscious, wound around work will come up again and this time you may realize it has something to do with commitment or abandonment. Fortunately, you can take shelter in your committed partnership, a source of relief and fun through Sept. 14-18. By Sept. 20, the Virgo New Moon will help resolve the drama of August and you'll feel vindicated. And on Sept. 27, when Jupiter opposes Uranus, lighting up your fierce self-hood, a dramatic breakthrough in relationship could result. 


TAURUS or Taurus Rising  

You may be spending more time at home as the month opens, putting things back together after a series of mishaps and drama. Although now you may have reached a breakthrough point. A sense of stability is building with only a lingering sense of unease. You may still be sorting through some family drama or romantic confusion through Sept. 10. There's some slight disconnect between what you expected and what you got. But what a lovely September you have coming! Your focus after Sept. 6 is likely to be fun! Whether you're consumed with a creative project, cultivating a new romance or spending more time with the kids, the experience will likely feel stimulating. The Virgo New Moon on Sept. 20 is likely to be a potent one for you, bringing startling realizations about your project or new relationship. You may be grappling with an old wound related to your hopes and dreams. But keep your eyes on the prize. You're on the launching pad now, readying yourself for next year's remarkable breakthroughs.  


GEMINI or Gemini Rising 

Mercury Retrograde and the potent August Eclipses packed a wallop. The first week of the month, you may still be preoccupied with career. It's a puzzle you just can't solve right now. Perhaps a big client or your boss has gotten in your head and inadvertently triggered old wounds. Hang in there. This month is going get better and better. There could be a frantic energy to your experience right now. Short trips, parties, long conversations and frequent brainstorms are likely consuming your days now. It's exciting and sometimes feels revelatory. But between Sept. 5 and Sept. 11, try not to get ahead of yourself or you could find yourself lost in confusion, particularly where work-home balance is concerned. You'll have a Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 6, perhaps resolving a career issue or shining new light on one. Around Sept. 11, you'll have the clarity of mind, sound judgment and a sense of empowerment that makes you feel unstoppable. Your family or partner may remind you that, in fact, you are not. But Sept. 14-16, it feel as if the party may never stop. The balance of home and family versus career may resurface again around the Virgo New Moon on Sept. 20. This may be a confusing time. Rather than over-think it, embrace the excitement and good times that Jupiter-Uranus opposition brings Sept. 27. Your friendships could lead you to the change you need.


Cancer or Cancer Rising  

Themes from February and March could re-emerge this month. You may feel more vulnerable than usual, as you recover from the August Eclipses and their impact on your self-worth or finances or both. Be gentle with yourself as you move through September. Your faith could be tested — particularly with women friends and relatives — around the Pisces Full Moon on Sept. 6. Or maybe you're coming to terms with disillusionment. Either way, these are hard truths. You could get some financial relief Sept. 11-16 that brings a sense of stability and empowerment. While spiritually, you're questioning everything, your social calendar could be packed in September. You may be taking frequent day trips or busy hosting acquaintances and neighbors. On the Sept. 20 New Moon you may experience a healing breakthrough. All the soul-searching this year will likely reach a culmination point by Sept. 27, when Jupiter opposes Uranus. The exciting change in career that you've been craving is more likely now than it has been in years. It could be that you're closer to your dreams than you realize.


LEO or Leo Rising

After the thunderclaps of the August Eclipses shook up your sense of identity and redirected your course, you may be fired up and ready to launch a new you. If only you could get your finances in order. This month, you'll get that opportunity. Income and its connection to self-worth will likely be foremost on your mind. Perhaps you fear that revealing your truest self, the one cultivating a radical new philosophy, will result in some form of abandonment. But this month, particularly Sept. 8-10, you cannot risk withholding your truth. Although a slow roll-out of this renovated self— rather than a splashy debut will benefit you best. As Mercury stations Direct on Sept. 5, followed a day later by the Pisces Full Moon, new financial information may change —or confuse —your plans. You'll have ample opportunities to socialize and exchange high-minded ideas Sept. 11-18. Don't be discouraged if around the Sept. 20 New Moon you're revisiting old wounds related to joint assets or intimacy. You'll have Venus blessing your earned income at the same time. As the month closes, make the most of the exciting Jupiter-Uranus opposition Sept. 27 by mixing business with pleasure. It could lead to a spiritual breakthrough!


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  

Happy Birthday! September certainly puts you in the spotlight. After a series of August epiphanies, your day-to-day life could feel like a completely new experience. Your routines have likely been up-ended and you may spend the early part of your birthday month catching up. Still, there's plenty of opportunity to go around Sept. 2 and you'll be fired up to instigate change and implement some radical new ideas. You may feel as if you're waking from a deep sleep when Mercury finally stations Direct on Sept. 5, followed a day later by a numinous and romantic Pisces Full Moon shining light on your relationships. Though it could take a few days for the confusion to dissipate. Emotions could cloud your perspective with partners that week, while Mars will be driving you to act  Resist the urge to start a fight. You're likely to feel like launching after Sept. 11, after your ruler Mercury has stationed Direct and crosses your Ascendant. Or better yet, wait until after Sept. 20 when Mercury finally catches up to and surpasses its Retrograde degree. That day you'll also have a Virgo New Moon giving potency to new endeavors. A week later, you'll have the Jupiter-Uranus opposition bringing luck and excitement to your sense of self-worth and earning power. This month is sure to be a memorable one.


LIBRA or Libra Rising 

Much of this month is about relationship and recovery, dreams versus reality. From Sept. 4-6, you may be grappling with some disillusionment on the work-front or perhaps you over estimated your body's abilities. Your energy levels are low until after Sept. 22. Or maybe a friend let you down when you needed her. It could be you just need to withdraw this month to regroup. By Sept. 8, you're more likely to have startling clarity on the matter that brings a sense of empowerment and acceptance. Try to be patient with family — particularly the women relatives — as there may be a simmering power struggle through Sept. 13. Trust your own judgment. If it feels deceitful or passive aggressive, it probably is. The clouds part around Sept. 14, though, in time for a lovely weekend with generous friends. There may even be some excitement or surprise cash influx a few days later as a result of those contacts. The Sept. 20 Virgo New Moon could act as a reset button for you, after several weeks of deep contemplation and recovery. Your relationship might not be as settled as you'd like, but being still inside the discomfort will get you through. Between Sept. 21-23, deep talks could prove healing and lead to a breakthrough. The key is to suspend expectation.


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising

Your career is in flux now, which may have left you feeling vulnerable — and motivated.  You're full of innovative new ideas and energy to problem-solve the first week of September and though finances are probably limiting, opportunities that come now have staying power. Don't let them slip by. There's still a good bit of confusion around career and creative endeavors Sept. 5-6. It's likely new information demands revisiting a career decision made around Aug. 21. Powerful allies could bring some much-needed influence to the situation Sept. 8-9. Channel any paranoia into good strategy. Keep in mind that from Sept. 11-13, you will have razor-sharp judgment where career and finance is concerned. Any obstacles you face during that time will be short-lived. In fact, you may just get a miracle Sept. 14-16, or at the very least have an especially good weekend. There's excitement and even glamour coming on the work front Sept. 17-18 that will overshadow any lingering sense of creative or romantic insecurity. Your friends are a tremendous source of strength and support now. Don't be afraid to reach out. While change is still happening among the higher-ups at work, amplifying confusion around the Virgo New Moon Sept. 20, you're able to unwind the hidden motivations and thorny complexities of the situation. By Sept. 27, you could be celebrating a newfound freedom. 


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  

Your summer travels may have led to some grand epiphanies. A crisis of faith may have re-ordered your priorities and established new ones. As September opens, you're probably feeling like you've got a pretty good handle on things—but there are some exciting changes still to come. Your higher mind is fired up with revolutionary ideas. You're restless to assert a new brand of individuality now. But from Sept. 4-6,  you may still be confused as to how to make the transition. Breakthroughs in your thinking come Sept. 8-11. Career ideas from August may begin to bear fruit and you could find yourself charging through obstacles at full-speed, fielding more offers than you expected. Your friends could be a source of inspiration and joy Sept. 14-16. But Sept. 17-18, you're generating so much creative inspiration and breakthrough energy, you could easily blow your own mind. Pace yourself. The Sept. 20 Virgo New Moon could re-open an old wound for the purpose of healing any lingering sense of rootlessness. You may feel confused about how to express your individuality, while also satisfying a demanding boss. Fortunately, you'll be especially persuasive with the higher-ups Sept. 21-23. But the real drama comes Sept. 26-27 as your ruler Jupiter opposes Uranus, reviving similar themes from Dec. 26, 2016 and March 2, 2017. Your hopes and dreams may be manifesting in unexpected, even disruptive, ways now. Change is good.


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising 

After weeks of fielding crises, financial and otherwise, you may feel as if this is the new normal. As September unfolds, you may be right. Though as you've probably already discovered, you're getting pretty good and handling sudden change. So good in fact that you can take your feet off the pedals and coast for the first few days of September, as things take care of themselves. In fact, as confusion settles in Sept. 4-6—compounded by Mercury stationing Sept. 5 and an emotional and wounded Pisces Full Moon Sept. 5 —you may benefit from the perspective. After that, you'll be feeling more empowered than you have in a while Sept. 8-10. Life will continue to improve gradually with the burden easing off in stages. You'll see the light at the end of the tunnel Sept. 11, then more relief Sept. 15, and even some cause for celebration Sept. 17-18. There remains an ambient sense of suffering, perhaps related to the expression of your career, the expectations of a boss or a feeling of limitations imposed by family. Anything that inhibits your desire for meaning right now feels hurtful, an issue that could surface for the purpose of healing on the Virgo New Moon on Sept. 20. The month closes on an exciting note with revelation and evolving change on the career front and maybe time for a little creative rebellion.


AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising 

You've experienced profound shifts in identity and relationship lately — a trend that continues into 2018. And September is sure to bring more breakthroughs. Your committed partnerships are a focus now and a source of tremendous drama, creativity and healing, particularly through Sept. 5. You may discover that misunderstandings with a spouse or business partner had more to do with your own insecurities and wounds than those of your partner. If not, you'll have more opportunities this month to grapple with issues of intimacy and joint resources. Change may feel constant this month in your finances and resources you share. It's likely unresolved money matters from August resurface now. But trust in your own brilliant ideas and excellent strategies, particularly Sept. 6-10. You may actually achieve a partnership goal through this process and strengthen a sense of security, too, particularly Sept. 11-13. You're nearing the end of a three-year process of refining your hopes and dreams, but this month you'll find there's some last-minute tidying up to do. You have some tough decisions to make Sept. 12-13 and may have to release some cherished goals once and for all. There's a sense of freedom and breakthrough that comes with this, though, palpable Sept. 14-18. It's time to release old wounds around self-worth —particularly around the Virgo New Moon on Sept. 20 and again during the Jupiter-Uranus opposition on Sept. 27— so the real you can be born. 


PISCES or Pisces Rising  

Your work goals or well-being may have turned upside-down during the August eclipses. You may have lost friends as a result or suffered a health crisis. September may offer some resolution on all fronts. A year of soul-searching and surprise financial crises is coming to a close. You could experience a breakthrough on health matters Sept. 1-3 and will likely get a much-needed confidence boost at work with a brainstorm that gets some attention from higher-ups. Your career may demanding a lot of you now, but you're reaching a point of hard-won mastery in your field. A Full Moon in Pisces on Sept. 6 is sensitive and emotional and for you, could prompt more soul-searching about your role in relationships. But don't get too mired in confusion and self-pity. A sense of empowerment and authentic intimacy could infuse your friendships and serious partnerships Sept. 8-10. A profound sense of well-being could come over you Sept. 17-19 as a result of some breakthroughs at work. And yet, this moment could also summon a wounded part of your identity for the purpose of releasing it.