Super Full Moon in Aries

This week in some ways represents the calm before the storm. Lovely aspects early on offer a glimmer of optimism, offering salve to the wounds we've been picking at during recent weeks. Mercury is now in Libra, helping balance wrong thinking and bringing more judiciousness to our heavy negotiations. But the journey isn't over quite yet.

Relationship issues have been an on-going theme for everyone lately. And after weeks of digging deep into our own motivations, sorting through painful realizations and power struggles, we may begin to see the purpose behind all that struggle.

Now comes Saturday's Super Full Moon at 23 Aries. This Full Moon may feel especially potent for those with planets or angles at 23 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. But everyone might want to batten down the hatches, just in case.

A Full Moon offers us an opportunity of profound emotional release. The moon literally lights up the sky, and in astrology, an area of our lives, revealing all there that we'd overlooked. Or ignored. It becomes a moment of reckoning with our emotional selves.

Saturday's Full Moon at 23 Aries comes at us like a wild fire. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the infant of our psyches. This weekend, we may give our adult selves a vacation and lose ourselves to our baby needs. Or, best-case scenario, we assert our own needs in a way we can finally be heard.

Pluto and Uranus figure into this lunation, bringing a volatility and explosiveness to our already hopped-up emotional state. Mars meanwhile is applying to a conjunction with Pluto. Outbursts are likely. (Drive carefully folks.)

The Moon trines Saturn and like the teacher in a classroom of unruly children, this aspect may bring some restraint and rationality. But Mercury squaring Pluto that same night certainly doesn't help matters. (Put. The phone. Down.)

While the pacifist in me wants to advise you to tuck into Netflix this weekend and avoid a fight, this Full Moon may actually be demanding we stand up and set the record straight. Once and for all. Righteous anger can be cleansing. Just make sure you're sober and using your inside voice.