The fallout of last week's high drama may still be settling as we realize just how significant the shifts of September really were. A lot happened, particularly with game-changer planets Pluto, Mars and Saturn.

The key word now is INTEGRATE.

Last weekend's Libra New Moon is still in effect this week, nurturing seeds of clarity in our relationships. If you've been operating under false assumptions or just pushing aside uncomfortable truths to keep the peace, it's a good time to clear the air.

We have astrological support for this deep work. TheSun sextiled Saturn Tuesday, giving us the strength and determination to forge ahead despite challenges.Venus sextiled Pluto Wednesday, easing our ability to transform our relationships.

Today, Friday, Mercury moves into Libra helping smooth the tension of that day's Sun-square-Pluto. Try not to resort to a battle of wills. Instead, channel that Sun-Pluto energy into surrendering the ego for the sake of real transformation.

Through all this, it's important to be gentle with yourself.  Take baby steps into the new awareness flooding our consciousnesses now. Even during moments of great awakening, you still have to breathe. 

Gina Piccalo