Neptune stations Direct

This year has been a strong Neptune year.  And not in a good way.

Since June, we've been experiencing Neptune in Pisces retrograde, a watery, often confusing event that can leave us feeling lost in own utopian fantasies or drug-addled delusions. This was especially true as Neptune squared Saturn in Sagittarius off and on from June to September.

As Neptune stations Direct on Nov. 19, some of us are in for a rude awakening. Issues left unresolved during a retrograde period snap back into focus when a planet goes direct.

Others, however, may finally feel the clouds lift and a newfound clarity settle over their lives. Lost causes could now resolve in divinely inspired ways. Moments of epiphany occur. Prayer and meditation could feel more effective now.

One Neptune teaching especially relevant today is that of the Law of Non-Resistance. This is not inertia. This is not denial. This is Gandhi and Martin Luther King-style yielding to overcome.

Neptune rules the Christ Consciousness, oneness, spirituality, the God of your understanding and psychic phenomena. Wherever it's located in our charts is where we're inspired, where we surrender and go with the flow. Neptune is the dissolution of ego. 

Like all the planetary archetypes, Neptune has a shadow side, too. It's where we're especially vulnerable to manipulation, madness, addiction, paranoia and deceit. Neptune is strong during pandemics and environmental catastrophes. Last summer's retrograde gave us a good look at all that.

Now Neptune Direct is giving us another chance to access our Higher Selves.  Let's all take it.


Gina Piccalo