Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio season is upon us this week with the Sun, Mercury - and last Sunday  - the New Moon, all moving through the sign of depth and complexity.

We've all had to digest a lot of painful material lately, much of it centered on relating to others.

Now with this pile up of Scorpio power, we have an opportunity to truly, madly deeply connect. First though, some surrender is involved.

This level of intensity isn't for everyone. And Scorpio demands all you've got. The sign of the scorpion and the eagle can go to hell and back and write the book about it.

Fortunately, we'll have Venus in Sagittarius to help us temper all Scorpio's brutal honesty and melodrama with some good-natured fun.

And the New Moon at 7 Scorpio on Oct. 30underscores all this inner work with a sense of spiritual renewal and creative power.   

With these energies dominant through Nov. 13, we can expect encounters with authenticity, moments of great insight and enlightening communication.

Mine your shadow side, just don't get lost there.

Important AstroDates

Oct. 30

New Moon 7 Scorpio 43"

Nov. 13

Venus enters Capricorn

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov. 14

Full Moon 22 Taurus


Gina Piccalo