Full Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow's Gemini Full Moon is the last Super Moon of the year and brings to mind the collective unrest percolating right now.

This isn't a comfortable lunation. This is push-pull energy. We're all pulsing with electric idealism and generosity of spirit, while at the same time straining against a painful reordering of expectations and beliefs.

This struggle is most evident in American politics right now. Here, the public is the excitable 22 degree Gemini Moon, striving to be heard via (Gemini-ruled) social media in opposition to the Twitter-happy President-elect.

This Full Moon activates Mr. Trump's 22 degree Gemini Sun and his 21 degree Sagittarius Moon, marking a culminating moment for him as an authority on the world stage. 

In fact, all Geminis have experienced a memorable but trying year and can expect this Full Moon to spotlight just how far they've come. 

For the rest of us, Tuesday's Full Moon offers good reason to avoid the temptation of Gemini's gossipy, duplicitous shadow side.

A break from Facebook/Twitter may be in order. We need to access our exalted Gemini archetype: the clear-eyed journalist, objective but engaged. 

Gemini's gift is perspective. Take this Full Moon as an opportunity to clear out old ideas and habits. Let's take responsibility for our words and thoughts and make a sober assessment of our lives, so we can move into the New Year with renewed integrity.