Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The momentum we had earlier this month may come to a screeching halt today as Mercury stations retrograde at 15 Capricorn and Mars enters watery Pisces. Give yourself permission to slow down and get grounded. You won't be the only one hitting the pause button.

Deliberate and serious consideration of the structures of your life, prove most worthwhile through January. This is (yet another) reality check. Tap into your authentic selves and be patient with this process, as frustrating as it can be.

We need this moment to integrate all the radical change and uncomfortable realizations of 2016 and move forward into the new paradigm of 2017.

It's Capricorn season, people. In the next two weeks, we'll have the Sun, Mercury and a New Moon on Dec. 29 in the sign of the honorable time keeper, the Sea Goat.

So, put your thinking cap on and get your planners out. Now is the time to take stock and assess your progress. Return to the expectations you had a year ago. How have they changed? Are your previous goals still relevant? I doubt it.

Fortunately, Saturn trine Uranus, exact on Dec. 24, gifts us with some executive genius to make responsible choices about our future. So, set a course for the next six months, and be sure to leave space for the happy surprises coming with Jupiter opposite Uranus, which zings us Dec. 26 and echoing throughout 2017.

There's no need to rush. When Mars is in Pisces, as it is through Jan. 29, our progress may be slow. For the really grand entrances into the New Year, it's best to harness the dynamo energy of Mars in Aries from Jan. 29 through March 11. Then buckle your seatbelts.



Gina Piccalo