Jupiter Enters Libra

Today, Jupiter enters Libra, the sign of beauty, relationship and Kate Winslet. We’ll all feel the difference of this one. Jupiter is “exalted” in Libra, meaning the planet and zodiac sign share special affinity, amplifying all the benefits. Jupiter chimes easily with Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, fine linens and great manicures. 

For the last year, Jupiter – the archetype of all-you-can eat buffets and fifty-cent pitchers -- has been transiting through the archetype of editors and personal organizers. Not exactly rolicking good times. Though your workout has probably improved and your garage probably never looked better. Now let’s move on.

On a mundane level, Jupiter in Libra could help bring a bit more civility to the presidential election, particularly after Sept. 27 when Mars moves into its own exaltation of Capricorn. It may also further mobilize the masses to fight for justice.

Breathing easier 

Perhaps there’s hope for more peace on the planet, too. The Oslo Peace Accord was signed when Jupiter transited through Libra in 1992-1993, bringing a period of peace in the Middle East.

On an intimate level, there’s more support for healing relationships of all kinds during this transit. It’s a great time to throw a dinner party, redecorate and/or get married. 

Overall though, Jupiter will give us a welcome respite from the intense transformation we’re all experiencing. Particularly after Sept. 22, when Mercury stations Direct and the Sun joins Jupiter in Libra, we might all feel as if that Virgoan corset has finally been removed and we can breathe again.