Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Usually, when the Moon transits through Pisces, the mystical, watery sign of surrender, compassion and empathy, we feel like losing ourselves in a bubble bath or a bottle of wine. The pull to retreat is strong.

Not so much this time around.
This lunar eclipse not only comes on the heels of the potent Saturn square Neptune, it’s squaring Mars in Sagittarius as well. It’s time to stay awake. No texting while drunk, people. Stay in your integrity and use your words. Settle whatever has fallen out of balance, like an (evolved) grown-up.
Full Moons traditionally mark endings and bring clarity to whatever began at the New Moon. This one will make its point loud and clear, neutralizing whatever has simmered for the last six months. Sudden closure and/or great awareness are its gifts. A flash of insight may give us more compassion for a partner or show us where a relationship has suffered due to our own self-neglect.
Whatever the issue, the air will be cleared. By Sept. 17 the trine between Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries will charge up our fun meter channel all that frustration into good times. Holla!

AstralsGina Piccalo