Mercury Stations Direct

Today, just as the Sun moves into graceful Libra, Mercury stations Direct at 14 Virgo. Rejoice! We get to take a couple more rocks out of our backpacks!

Sadly, that’s how most of us have come to think of Mercury Retrograde. We’re suddenly painfully aware of every missed call, every delayed flight, every technological difficulty. We stub our toe and bark at our partners and it’s all Mercury’s fault!
Another way to interpret Mercury Retrograde– particularly this latest transit through Virgo – is as an opportunity to observe our thoughts.
Sure, we’d all rather have better reasons for alone time than the fact that we dropped our iPhone in the toilet and can’t reach anyone. But maybe our modern lives have to be upended before we really look at ourselves.

True Soul Growth

From now until Oct. 8, we’ll likely see what we truly gained from these last three weeks as Mercury slowly moves forward and then enters Libra. There were abundant opportunities for healing the ways we talk to ourselves. If we look closely now, we’ll see how that inner dialogue is reflected in our day-to-day lives, our health and well-being.

On Sept. 30, Mercury trines Pluto and sextiles the North Node, suggesting a profound realization that could help facilitate true soul growth. On Oct. 1 and 2, Mercury aspects Chiron and Uranus, suggesting even more breakthroughs in healing the way we think. As Mercury swishes into Libra and then conjuncts Jupiter Oct. 11, its gifts come more from our social network, wrapped in good times.

AstralsGina Piccalo