Saturn Square Neptune

Astrology is a language punctuated by archetypes and this year, these two heavy hitters have been kicking our butts. On Saturday, we get the last of three exact hits of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. And yes, it gets a little easier from here.

The ancients described Saturn as a “malefic,” the Grim Reaper or even Satan himself.  In Jungian terms, though, Saturn often represents the Shadow side of the psyche, where our wisdom hides. When transiting the philosophical sign of Sagittarius however, Saturn is our call to Truth. Warts and all. 
On the other hand, Neptune, named for the tempestuous Roman god of the sea, can bring idealism, romance and music. He may also seed delusion, addiction and insanity. It’s an especially slippery slope in ethereal Pisces, the zodiac sign ruled by Neptune.
These two in conflict can churn up extreme weather (see: El Nino in 1997) and religious fanatics. It can also encourage the dissolution of boundaries like those that have led to the ongoing global refugee crisis. Last summer, the retrograde Mars in take-no-prisoners Scorpio ignited the worst of this aspect in a spate of mass killings by delusional shooters justifying their acts with ideology.  

Photo by Alan Hagman

Photo by Alan Hagman


Reality Check

The first two exact hits of this transit – Nov. 26, 2015 and June 17, 2016 – were likely the hardest. On a personal level, depression, disappointment and grief are common side effects of this brand of reality check. You may suddenly have seen your old boss as truly toxic. Unresolved emotional issues may have manifested as infection or addiction.
But there’s an upside, too. This energy may help manifest hard-won dreams. It may renew your faith in the Divine or dissolve barriers to your true calling. Maybe the reality of your delusion hits you in the face and sets you on a more authentic path.
It’s hard to hide with Saturn square Neptune. The only real antidote, as Dory says, is to just keep swimming. Eventually, you’ll find you’re just going with the flow.

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