Mars into Capricorn

Mars hasn’t exactly been our friend lately. Last summer, in the quintessential expression of volatile Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, it felt as if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were just around the corner.

From February to late August, the God of War spent eighteen weeks in Scorpio, firing up the zodiac sign’s more cold-blooded side. If you were brave enough to check the headlines, you saw one mass killing after another.  
Personally, this probably likely felt like two steps forward and three steps back. Bursts of temper and cruelty. Eruptions of long-simmering resentments. Impulsive acts. If you defied Mars and slogged forward, it’s likely you still paid a steep price for your indomitable will.
Aren’t you glad that’s over?  
Mars in Capricorn by contrast will feel like the day you took the training wheels off your bike. Finally, you’ll be getting somewhere. You’ll get some shit DONE. And done well.
Until Nov. 10, the executive abilities of Capricorn harmonize so well with the turbo boost of Mars, you’ll see whatever projects you started earlier this year finally begin to earn dividends. All this enthusiasm could reach a peak on Oct. 5 when Mars squares Jupiter in Libra. 

There is too much of a good thing with Mars. Drive carefully and take a few extra deep breaths when Mars conjuncts the formidable Pluto on Oct. 19 and then again on Oct. 28 when it squares wily Uranus.

But after last summer, these little bumps won’t shake us up. We’ve all learned benefits of mindfulness by now. Right?

AstralsGina Piccalo