Pluto Stations Direct

A heavy-hitter like Pluto moves slowly, so when it finally changes direction, we feel it.  Now just halfway through the long journey in Capricorn, Pluto has worked its potent magic, upending traditions, unmasking lying CEOs, destabilizing governments, churning turmoil and mass exodus.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, the U.S. Constitution was written. Pluto in Capricorn truly does mark the end of an era.

Personally, Pluto in Capricorn demands authenticity and integrity in the areas of life you probably thought you’d already figured out. Either something has to give in your marriage. Or in your relationship with your parents. Or the way you manage your money.

Since May 1, Pluto has been retrograde, forcing us to revisit the suffering we cause ourselves when we play the victim, give away our power and submit to manipulations. As it moves direct now, we have the confidence to finally let go and move past such toxic patterns.

Paradigm Shifts

Speaking of paradigm shifts, with Pluto moving direct and Uranus still retrograde, the infamous Pluto-Square-Uranus is activated– though not as exact as it has been. Between now and Dec. 29 Pluto will move closer to Uranus until around Dec. 26 when they’ll be within three degrees of each other through March 2017. This will likely be manifested on a global scale in ways that shift mass consciousness.

However, structures in your own life that needed an earthquake of change – and perhaps got one in the last six years -- will be more vulnerable to tremors now than in the past. I’d wish you luck, but courage is all you’ll need.

AstralsGina Piccalo