Mercury Direct in Sagittarius

And so 2016 has died a long, slow death. Though it may take a few weeks for the grief to lift, rest assured, a bracing wind is coming to clear the air. And stoke a fire.

For now, we're still reeling from the heavy astrological weather over the holidays. Thanks to the Dec. 26 Uranus-Jupiter opposition, the breathtaking change that swept through the culture has taken on a psychedelic hue as the reality of the situation becomes evident. 

Our celestial heavyweights have a story to tell that we can't ignore. We're being forced to wake up to injustice (Jupiter in Libra) in the most radical, alarming ways (Uranus in Aries). Our self-righteousness (Saturn in Sagittarius) is being made plain so as to cleanse the culture of its self-destructive ways. We're being forced to see our shadow selves in the oligarchy (Pluto in Capricorn) so we can destroy it and embrace true Oneness (Neptune in Pisces). 

The revolution is underway. 

It just looks nothing like you expected. 

And yet! On a more personal level, we've all turned over a lot of ground, reached some sobering conclusions and set some ambitious goals, all in the last two weeks. 

Maybe you've found a way out of your wrong thinking. Maybe you just got stuck in melancholy. Whatever the case, it's alright to surrender to the not-knowing. 

That's often where the answers live. 

This week may feel slightly dreamier and a little too sensitive than recent days with the Moon, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune all in Pisces by Tuesday. All  month, our relationships are blessed with heightened intuition, heady romance and a little bit of confusion too. 

We'll all likely feel more grounded and empowered this weekend with a good-old-fashioned Taurus Moon on Saturday. As Mercury stations direct at 28 Sagittarius on Sunday, make space for some thought-provoking time outdoors. 

Let's all make good use of this contemplative start to the year. Clarity and self-awareness are in short supply these days and the more time we have to cultivate both, the better.



Gina Piccalo