Aquarius New Moon

The Women's March has unleashed the activist in us all, a beautiful manifestation of Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra.

This aspect has lit a fire that will burn most brightly through September. And by then, we'll begin to see real results from the Resistance.

Oppositions in astrology mean that someone or something is forcing you to make a decision. In the case of America, that someone is the erratic, extreme and unstable Donald Trump who embodies the most dangerous, self-serving aspects of the rebel planet in the sign of ME.

A quick look at Trump's transits tells me that his egomania will continue largely unabated until mid-March when mass rebellions finally get in his way. By July, the opposition will be fortified enough to slow him down. And by fall, Trump will have to reckon with all the upheaval and damage he's creating now. November won't be  easy for him.

If nothing else, we can thank Trump for unifying the good. He has forced the hands of millions who now seek to balance the Libran scales of justice with peaceful protest. These Americans now embody Jupiter, the planet of exuberant activism, in Libra until October, the sign of justice and diplomacy.

This swell of spontaneous love for humanity, emboldened by Friday's Aquarius New Moon, sent hundreds of thousands of people pouring into airports last weekend to stand up for refugees. They forced the Trump Administration to modify its xenophobic order and put Congress on notice.

This is how, as one journalist put it, the greatness of America will stop Trump.

On a personal level, we can tune into that Aquarian, unifying force of love by engaging with our communities, even in small ways. We can open ourselves to new ways of being that challenge our status quo.

We will certainly have the motivation.There's an abundance of fire energy with us this year already with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. It's the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Fresh starts are the name of the game. This week alone, we have the Moon, Mars and Venus all in Aries by Friday, infusing us with purpose. Mercury, meanwhile, has finally left its shadow, reaching the point at which it stationed Retrograde, meaning projects that took root back in December will likely finally start to bear some fruit in the last degrees of steady, pragmatic Capricorn.

With Mars in Aries until March 11, we'll be more motivated (and more impulsive) than we've been in two years. And with Venus joining Mars in that hot-blooded sign Friday through April 4, our passions will be fired up. Just be mindful of impulse buys and one-night stands.

There's more goodness on the horizon with Jupiter stationing Retrograde on Feb. 6 and an incredible Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10.

So take heart!

We're just waking up to the miracles we can bring about by coming together.