Cancer Full Moon

This is an interesting week. We may all be straining against impatience and the impulse to do something.

We're fired up to get the ball rolling after weeks of delays and slow-downs, now that Mercury stationed direct in the wee hours of this morning. And Mercury in Sagittarius until Thursday is really direct.

Trouble is, the early part of the week still involves a lot of Pisces confusion and diffusion of energy when we're more likely to get distracted by shiny things (or people. Hello, Awards Season!)

Thursday marks the powerful and tense Full Moon at 22 Cancer in what's called a cardinal Grand Cross configuration involving Pluto, Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter. There's a lot of large-scale, change-the-world wisdom here. Though accessing it is going to require some self-restraint. 

The energies are volatile and rash. People are wounded and self-righteous and motivated now. Obama says goodbye tomorrow. BTW, where will you be marching on Jan. 20? 

We've transitioned through December's Gemini Full Moon and electric Uranus-Jupiter opposition, where we talked and intellectualized our experience, assessed our progress and braced for a destabilizing 2017.

Now, this Cancer Moon asks us to embody the emotions of the moment, harness them in a disciplined way and instill them with purpose. We must now walk our talk.

Or as Meryl Streep put it last night quoting Carrie Fisher (RIP): "Take your broken heart, make it into art."

This is the Buddhist principle of Right Action. 

This teaches that when we're awakened, we understand that loving others is an act of self-love. When we're awakened, authentic self-love opens our hearts to the Oneness of all. When we're awakened, we cultivate goodness and we see goodness everywhere. Let's get to work.   

Gina Piccalo