Sun in Scorpio

The Scorpio season has truly begun, bringing a sense of depth and complexity to our experience. 

Scorpio types might remind you this is a period of death and dying, both literal and metaphorical. But that's only one facet of this archetype.

 Scorpio is the great alchemist. In her willingness to embrace extremes, she has made peace with her dark side. She invites you to make peace with yours too. (Naturally, investigators and psychologists are Scorpio-ruled professions.)

 As Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all revel in Scorpio, we may find our minds drifting toward the morbid or the sexual. Be mindful of cynicism. Be honest -- but not brutally so. Get intimate, but not at the someone else's expense.

 The evolved Scorpio is truly a magician in that she transforms her own suffering into wisdom that ultimately anoints her as a guru. This essay by writer Lidia Yuknavitch explains this kind of transformation beautifully. 

"You can swim to the wreckage at the bottom and bring something back to the surface that will help others," she writes.

 This is how I choose to see Scorpio season. Yes, it's a time of reckoning. But it's also a time of healing and spiritual growth. 

Quiet down and grow still. You need to listen to yourself.

       Planet Roll Call

Sun in Scorpio - Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

Mercury in Scorpio - Oct. 18 to Nov. 6

Venus in Libra - Oct. 15 to Nov. 8

Mars in Libra - Oct. 24 to Dec. 10

Jupiter in Scorpio - Oct. 11-Nov. 9, 2018

Saturn in Sagittarius until  Dec. 19



Uranus 28-24 Aries - Aug. 3-Dec. 31

Neptune 14-11 Pisces - June 16-Nov. 22