Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

The meaning of life is ripe for contemplation now as Mercury prepares to station Retrograde on Sunday at 29° Sagittarius, the same day as the 11° Gemini Full Super Moon.

We may feel like talking about heady subjects, but find our conversation meanders and gets lost, leaving us with more questions than when we began. Anxiety could be a by-product of these aspects. Try not to overthink things too much. 

Follow Saturday's Jupiter-Neptune trine into your imagination instead. Pay attention to your dreams and listen to your intuition. Don't let the inner dialogue consume the bliss of letting go.

Mercury retrograde is often saddled with blame for missed flights and computer crashes. But there's no reason to stress out and avoid life. From Dec. 3-22, you'll need to cultivate more patience. The trickiest days are Dec. 7, Dec. 10, Dec. 14 and Dec. 22.

 If you can, postpone signing contracts, making big electronic purchases or planning travel until the Mercury shadow ends Jan. 12

But remember, too, that Mercury Retrograde can provide spiritual guidance, particularly while it spends time in Sagittarius, a sign of philosophy, belief systems and higher consciousness. It slows down our thinking and allows us time to consider our choices more carefully.

It brings depth and sometimes greater understanding to our communications, simply because we're forced to look more closely at what's not working. This sort of studied examination is especially apt to describe the Mercury-Saturn conjunction Dec. 1-8.

Refine your thinking around issues of faith and  consciousness. Make a list of the projects that need revision, the holiday gifts that need to be bought and tackle those between now and Dec. 22.

Maybe you need to revise your understanding of the holidays, too. Perhaps a crisis of faith is in order. As a good friend recently reminded me: Energy follows thought. Now is the time to channel it well.




Gina Piccalo