Cancer Full Moon

There's a sense of fullness that opens 2018 and not just because we have a Super Full Moon at 11° Cancer on Jan. 1. The last year has demanded a lot of us and the good news is, we've reached a moment of completion on this part of our journey.

Now, it's time to fully integrate and ground all the transformation. 

Bur first, let's talk about this potent, healing Full Moon. Cancer rules home and family, our roots and our mother and mother figures.

This lunation's graceful trine to Neptune brings opportunities for deep connection with the Divine and even gentle moments of epiphany and inspiration. Her trine to the Mars-Jupiter in Scorpio emphasizes the profound transformative energy available to us now, granting us freedom from old pain.

This Full Moon opposes Venus and Black Moon Lilith, which could raise issues with women and summon the Kali Ma archetype into our experience. While Cancer is the Nurturer, Black Moon Lilith is the Dark Mother.

In astrology, Black Moon Lilith is a point in space, an energetic vortex bound to the Earth's orbit. In the natal chart, it represents where we experience our deepest fears. On this Full Moon, Black Moon Lilith is calling us to have courage and strength to confront our fears.

Use this energy wisely and find ways to let go of inhibiting patterns of thought to clear the ground for this fertile New Year.

While 2018 is dominant in the Earth element, which is grounding and stabilizing in many ways, there will be important shifts coming our way.

If we're paying close attention, there are tremendous opportunities for steady, lasting growth. That said, I'm advising all my clients to use  the first half of the year to launch new endeavors. The latter half of the year will be useful for revision.

This year, three Mercury retrogrades -- all in fire signs -make it especially advisable to mind our impulses and be careful with things that go fast and burn hot from March 23-April 15 in Aries, from July 23-Aug. 19 in Leo and from Nov. 17-Dec. 6 in Sagittarius/Scorpio.

On May 16, as Uranus begins a new seven-year cycle in Taurus, we'll be more susceptible to unexpected reversals, revisions and changes in real estate, finance and the stock market. There could be dramatic innovations in those areas as well. 

The trickiest periods of 2018 will be July and August - when Mars and Mercury will retrograde - along with five other planets. We're also having two eclipses during that time in Leo, Cancer and Aquarius. Brace yourself for change and revelation.

Mars Retrogrades in Capricorn in July/August and Venus Retrogrades in Libra-Scorpio in October.

All these retrogrades suggest a year ripe for renovation and restructuring, particularly in relationships, governments, diplomacy, leadership of all kinds, finance and real estate. 

But there's no need to succumb to anxiety. Now through August, we'll have Jupiter trine Neptune, bringing compassion, inspiration and imagination to our experience.

And the Saturn trine Uranus from July to October grants opportunities to reinforce our foundations this year.

I'll be writing more about the year to come in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, release  and rejoice in the New Year!