Leo-Pisces Eclipses

This month is book-ended by some powerful shifts that will no doubt leave us changed for the better.

Jupiter Stationed Retrograde at 23 Libra on Feb. 6 and Feb. 10, gracing us with a lucky Lunar Eclipse at 22 Leo. Both offer tremendous opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression and no shortage of good news.

If you're longing to rekindle a relationship or reclaim your joy, Jupiter Retrograde has your back. In Libra, the sign of balance, this eclipse chimes with transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, bringing breakthrough energy and a self-reflective tone to the day that allows us space for gratitude.

Jupiter represents wisdom, abundance, spirituality and good fortune, as well as our beliefs, our plans and our faith. In our astrological charts, Jupiter reveals opportunity and expansion. It can also show where we tend toward exaggeration, greed or self-righteousness.

As Jupiter appears to be moving backwards from Feb. 6 to June 9, we naturally reassess our progress, reconsider our beliefs and renew our faith. We'll have ample opportunity to edit our relationships or even spend time in prayer or meditation, contemplating the self-vs-other balance.

For many of us, these days are wrought with frustration and even moments of hopelessness. Accessing the energy of Jupiter Retrograde can help us reconnect to the Divine or Higher Self.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse, meanwhile, packs a wallop of good vibes. It triggers the Aquarius-Leo axis, echoing themes from February 1998, the last time we had an eclipse at 22 Leo. We'll have another round of Leo-Aquarius eclipses Aug. 7 and 21, so whatever starts this weekend, or in the days following, will likely show results by then. 

Eclipses mark moments of crisis and change, dramatic endings or beginnings. This year's eclipses are showing us how our own self-involvement (Leo) affects all of humanity (Aquarius). The headlines right now certainly check all those boxes. Donald Trump is the human manifestation of this.

On a personal level, the Leo eclipse is asking our creative selves to show up in a big way. Leo rules self-expression, children and creative endeavors. This one is amplified with good news thanks to Mercury sextile Venus on the same day as well as simple joy with the Aquarius Sun, Leo's ruler, trine Jupiter in Libra on Feb. 12.

The week of Feb. 13 through the 21th is the quiet before the storm, a respite between eclipses where we can bask in the Libra Moon-Jupiter conjunction on Valentine's Day and then integrate whatever quiet revelation the Lunar Eclipse brought. 

The week of Feb. 22 may be marred by power struggles and battles of will if the volatile energy of Mars in Aries squared the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn are projected onto your boss, rather than worked out at the gym or even in therapy. Cooler heads prevail later that week with Mercury sextile Saturn and the Moon in clear-eyed Aquarius.

But the emotional roller coaster dips again on Feb. 26 with the Pisces Solar Eclipse signaling sudden endings or spiritual breakthroughs. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, itself marking a dissolution point, where all energies flow into the whole or the Oneness that is all consciousness.

This eclipse lands the same day as the highly disruptive Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries. That fiery, explosive Aries energy, coupled with the power of a Solar Eclipse could bring tremendous insight that prompts surprising action.

On a global scale, it could mark a revelation about our leader that prompts more uprisings. Indeed this year's revolutionary spirit is triggered again with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition hitting just three days after the Solar Eclipse. (#Resist).

On a personal level, the week of Feb. 26 could mark a moment of clarity on a long-standing point of confusion. When that Piscean veil is dropped, sometimes drama ignites. 

Our universal consciousness (Pisces) is being activated (eclipse) to reconcile the imbalance between our more infantile, war-like version of Self (Mars, Uranus in Aries) with the abundance and joy available to us when we give to each other, when we recognize that the notion of "Other" is really an illusion (Jupiter in Libra). We are all "Other." We are the ones who will save us.