Pisces Solar Eclipse Aftermath

In the first few days of this week, it's crucial to let the dream-dust settle from the last two weeks of eclipse energy before we launch ourselves into the new paradigm.

We're all still groping toward the light, questioning the gut-level instinct guiding us toward a new path. Self-doubt and emotional turmoil may surface now thanks to last Sunday's (Feb. 26) Pisces Solar Eclipse

Some of us may still be reeling from a spiritual awakening/crisis. Often they are one in the same. When the veil is dropped, it takes time to integrate the new reality. Be gentle with yourself.

Eclipses generally signal sudden endings and breakthroughs. This one was especially potent as it took place in the last sign of the zodiac, a dissolution point, where all energies flow into Oneness. 

Be mindful of what comes your way. It's all a projection of Self. The lessons we're striving to learn are coming at us fast and furious, manifesting in personality clashes and status quo disruptions. Look for the wisdom in the suffering. It's there.

This eclipse was coupled with the lightning strike of a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries, which also activated the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Our hair-trigger impulses might have landed us in a wholly unexpected place.  

All of this helps reconcile the imbalance between the more infantile, war-like version of Self (Mars, Uranus in Aries) with the abundance and joy available to us when we give to each other, when we recognize that the notion of Other is really an illusion (Jupiter in Libra). 

We are all Other.  

Today, we get a brief respite of calm as the Sun and Neptune meet in the sign of Pisces, bringing a dreamy vibe to the day. But by Wednesday, it's likely everyone will be feeling a little restless, testy and ready for a fight as the Aries Moon makes uncomfortable aspects to troublemakers Mars and Uranus, and power broker Pluto.

Go with the flow as much as possible this week. Think twice before you give in to your impulses. And give everyone - especially the most volatile in your network - a little extra breathing room.

By Thursday, we get another shot of adrenalin with the second of three exact hits of the volatile, exciting Jupiter-Uranus opposition. 

This is the defining aspect of 2017. 

Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries is go-for-it energy. It demands we stand up for our beliefs, be true to our authentic (or eccentric) selves and embrace our individuality. 

This aspect drives people to make major, sudden life changes. It releases pent up energies and impulses. It upends belief systems and inspires breakthroughs. It is disruptive and liberating.

Sudden, surprising change is the norm with this aspect. Those of us uncomfortable with shifting norms will likely find this year unsettling. 

But if you love adventure and excitement, if you're feeling stifled and stagnant, the Jupiter opposite Uranus transit will launch you into a new life and set you free. 

Gina Piccalo