Virgo Full Moon

For many of us, this first ten days of March may have been muddied by frustration and push-pull energy. Until today, in fact, you may have been striving to get more done than was realistically possible. The dreamy, intuitive Pisces pile-up of Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Chiron didn't work well with Mars and Venus in go-go Aries. You may have surrendered to self-pity, confusion or retreated into fantasy. Either way, early March probably felt more like dream-time than real-life with flashes of clarity about the need for renewal and self-care. 

Today, as Mars enters slow-moving Taurus, that itch you can't quite reach may slowly become less of a bother. You might have found a reservoir of calm resolve.

Now, a more grounded, more capable way of being is offered up with Sunday's Full Moon at 22 Virgo.  

Virgo is an earth sign, the sign of harvest, of feminine power, of self-realization and detox. With the Full Moon here emotional release could help clear whatever turbulence still lingers from the Feb. 26 Pisces Solar Eclipse.

Virgo rules the stomach and digestion and the Full Moon is a time of letting go, so a physical cleanse might be in order. (Kitchari, anyone?) Misdirected or stagnated Virgo energy can devolve into self-doubt. So channel the Virgo Full Moon vibration toward its trine with transforming Pluto and opportunities to clear and honor the mind, body and spirit this weekend.

Virgo is also the sign of habits and routine. This Full Moon gives us a chance to really consider how our day-to-day is shaping our state-of-being and what needs to change. This Full Moon, along with Virgo's ruler Mercury, are square Saturn during this lunation, so rather than overthink and criticize, focus your intention. Meditate and expect clarity.

On Monday, Mercury enters Aries, leading the Sun through its last degrees of Pisces before the Vernal Equinox March 20.

This week carries with it the fullness of an ending. We're on the eve of Nature's New Year. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Sagittarius is still tightly opposed Uranus in Aries until March 19, pushing us to make a decision, to take a risk, to get out there and get real. This week is ripe for enthusiasm and pioneering spirit!

We have about two weeks before the "Mercury Shadow" period when Mercury slows down and prepares to Station Retrograde at 4 Taurus on April 9

So those of you needing a new phone, new car, new laptop or any other new machine-related gadget, I recommend you get it before March 26 or wait until May.

Most of this month, Mercury, Venus and Mars are visible in the evening sky. Give them a shout. See what they have to say to you directly.




Gina Piccalo