April Forecast

Forgive yourself if you feel agitated these days. While, the true New Year has begun, heralded by the fiery New Moon at 7 Aries on March 27-28, there remains a lot of stop-and-go. We have grand plans and aspirations, but the Universe is demanding we think twice.

There is time, she says. Trust.

Trees understand patience. That's become especially evident to me as I read Peter Wohlleben's recent book. Some trees wait eighty to a hundred years just to get their share of the sunlight in a forest. 

In April, as a total of four planets retrograde, we need to be more like the trees.

As the month opens, Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra both Retrograde are slowing plans and reviving old relationship issues. On April 6, Saturn stations Retrograde at 27 Sagittarius for the next four months, demanding we check the foundations of all the structures of our lives. Blind faith and rigid ideologies will be tested now. On April 9, Mercury stations Retrograde at 5 Taurus, prompting a close look at our values and self-worth. On April 20, Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn for the next five months, rooting out corruption (#TrumpRussia), abuses of power and manipulation.

The season of assessment is upon us. By month's end, we'll all be better for it.

The first week of April, Venus backs up into dreamy, compassionate Pisces, easing whatever strains its retrograde revived in our relationships. Unresolved relationship issues have a good chance of resolution on April 8, as long as we check our egos and channel the good sense of the Virgo Moon that day. 

The second week of April could be a period of serious consideration. First, Mercury stations Retrograde at 5 Taurus, centering all our attention on issues of self-worth, values, real estate and personal resources. We may realize what needs to be released to make room for growth.

On Passover, April 11, we have a Full Moon at 21 Libra, prompting sudden conclusions that bring more diplomacy and stability in areas of relationship.

On April 15, Tax Day in the U.S., when Venus stations Direct at 27 Pisces, there's the possibility of a happy ending, particularly in areas of relationship and money. And a day later, on Easter Sunday, opportunities for sensual pleasures and healing are available. Holiday gatherings over could result in real connection.

From April 19-21, three planets change signs and one stations, suggesting shifts in consciousness and awareness, changes and breakthroughs. If you're open to it, the retrogrades could actually work in your favor.

On April 19, the Sun moves into Taurus, a no-nonsense Earth sign, then bumps into Retrograde Mercury as it backs up into Aries just as Pluto Stations at 19 Capricorn. All these shifts should inoculate us from manipulation and allow us to cut through some of the psychic dust kicked up earlier in the month

On April 21, on the eve of Earth Day, expect more jubilant demonstrations around the world. Mars shifts into Gemini, which could help goose our curiosity and motivate our social networks. The month closes with a dreamy New Moon at 6 Taurus, an especially fertile lunation.

Simply put, this month, the soil that is our lives will be thoroughly plowed. By month's end, we'll have fresh, stable ground in which to seed our dreams.