Venus Stations Direct

This weekend, we can all take a least one rock out of our backpacks as Venus moves Direct after six weeks of Retrograde. If your Want vs. Need list is more balanced today than it was back in January, you have Venus Retrograde to thank.

After a long period spent reassessing our values, revisiting our relationship with ourselves and setting boundaries, we get to decide where to spend our funds and affections. 

 (If you can, though, postpone those mechanical and technological purchases until after Mercury Retrograde’s shadow is over May 20.)

Issues of assertiveness, self-awareness, even self-sabotage, in relationship or finance may have arisen as Venus retrograded through Aries, from March 4 to April 2. You were probably drawn to find common ground. Or, conversely, you may have finally admitted that there was none.

From April 2-15, as Venus retrograded through Pisces, our notions about relationship may have grown clouded or over-idealized.  Did you surrender in some ways? And did that somehow create a better sense of well-being? Or did you feel so confused you retreated into self-pity? 

Whatever the case, you may not be fully clear on the matter until the Venus Retrograde shadow is over May 19.

This week promises movement and change as three planets change signs (Sun moves into Taurus, Mercury backs up into Aries and Mars into Gemini) and two change direction (Venus stations Direct and Pluto stations Retrograde). There may be an increased sense of restlessness as a result. Stick with Venus through it all.

Now through April 28, Venus will be exalted in Pisces, which means the most enlightened energies associated with this planet - empathy, loving-kindness, romance, beauty, generosity--  are more available to all of us. Just in time for Earth Day on April 22.

Gina Piccalo