Pluto Stations Retrograde

There's a good bit of static energy circulating right now as several personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) change signs and the lord of death-rebirth cycles, Pluto, stations retrograde.

Our minds and egos may be churning with creativity and innovation while also fighting an ambient fear of breakdown. Gen X-ers (born 1958- 1972) may be feeling this especially acutely, as you grapple with your own profound, midlife leap into the unknown.

Everyone is managing higher-than-average anxiety right now, which activates our need to control. But this is the storm clearing the sky for coming breakthrough and reconciliation, a moment where we gain most by leaning into our vulnerability and the challenge of self-awareness.

If we face down our fears, particularly in relationship, during this last week of April, we're rewarded with the refreshing sense of empowerment, renewal and wholeness that comes with Wednesday's New Moon at 6 Taurus.

First, though, let's talk about Mars, the engine driving our ego, moving into busy Gemini for the next six weeks. Yes, Mercury is still retrograde in Aries until May 3, slowing tangible progress. But as Mars shifts into the chatty, Mercury-ruled sign of the twins, we'll begin to re-gain a little of the momentum we lost back in early March. 

Intellectual pursuits and all kinds of communication will be especially charged through early June. It's up to you to channel this energy into healthy debate, rather than allowing things to devolve into petty argument.

This weekend, there's something poignant and romantic, even profound, available to us. On Saturday, the Moon and Neptune meet in Pisces, enhancing a fitting sense of Oneness on Earth Day. On Sunday, our Achilles' heal in relationships may be activated as the Moon touches the Venus-Chiron conjunction in Pisces and Saturn tests our vulnerabilities.

Try to be gentle with yourself and others as we mine issues of worthiness.  For most of April, Venus has been traveling with Chiron, the wounded healer, reviving our oldest pain for more clearing and closure.

Into next week, though, this sensitivity could serve us. There's a tremendous amount of support for important talks - or pioneering ideas -- that can resolve thorny misunderstandings as Mercury retrogrades into Aries, trining the guru Saturn in Sagittarius.

Particularly on April 25, with Mercury conjunct Uranus, these conversations could take a surprising turn or they may arise suddenly, marking a transcendent breakthrough.

Stay the course and have the courage of your convictions. 

Planet Roll Call

Sun in Taurus - April 19 - May 20

Mercury in Aries - April 20 - May 15

Mars in Gemini - April 21-June 5

Venus in Aries - April 28 - June 6



Mercury at 4 Taurus-24 Aries - April 9 - May 3

Jupiter at 13-23 Libra - Feb. 6-June 9

Saturn 21-27 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Pluto at 19-28 Capricorn - April 20 - Sept. 28