May Forecast

After weeks of excavating our hearts and riding waves of intensity, we reach a clearing in May. Reprieve comes with a sense of purpose and innovation.  

All month long, we'll have Saturn trine Uranus working to smooth the way for positive change in the primary structures of our lives. Work and home life could feel more streamlined and productive than they have in a while. Original ideas take shape and bring excitement and opportunity.

If you've struggled to make progress on an important project in the last couple of months, you'll likely experience a breakthrough in May. From May 10 through May 20, especially, ideas that come out of the blue will prove worthwhile, launching lasting endeavors.

Mercury stations Direct on May 3 at 24 Aries, reaching optimum speed by May 19. That means decisions that have been hung up since early April will finally come together and move forward by the late May.

Excitement and brainstorms may help resolve deep and thorny issues on the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10. Misunderstandings triggered back in early April may resolve and mark a fresh start at the Gemini New Moon on May 25.

Though the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrogrades still create some ambient noise, our day-to-day will feel more empowered this month than it has since February. 

May we all enjoy a renewed sense of optimism. 

Planet Roll Call

Mars in Gemini to June 5

Venus in Aries to June 7

Mercury stations Direct in Aries, May 3

Full Moon 20 Scorpio, May 10

 Mercury into Taurus, May 15

Saturn trine Uranus, May 17-20

Sun into Gemini, May 20

New Moon 4 Gemini, May 25


Mercury at 4 Taurus-24 Aries - April 9 - May 3

Jupiter at 13-23 Libra - Feb. 6-June 9

Saturn 21-27 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Pluto at 19-28 Capricorn - April 20 - Sept. 28

Gina Piccalo