Gemini New Moon

Tomorrow marks a Super New Moon at 4 Gemini -- the closest lunation to Earth this year. Yet, all we'll see is a dark sky.

Talk about a metaphor for our times.

Perception is everything. Our experience is ripe for potent change. Yet, the real gift of this moment is still just out of reach.

For the truth to be revealed to us, we must shift our thinking. Clues about what needs to shift will come from our most important relationships. So be patient with each other.

We're being called to clarify our view of reality, to bear witness to what truly is. Or, perhaps, as Steven Forrest advises Gemini, we must "give the universe permission not to make sense."

Here's some practical advice: Communicate your feelings and focus on clarity, rather than the need for approval. Work to actively calm your mind, so as not to get swept away by anxiety.

Gemini energy is for do-ers. We're all feeling the gears of our lives crank back up after a long, arduous slog through the first part of this year.

There's a lot of repressed energy to move forward now.

We're highly motivated to push past limitation - even if it means bulldozing what's working.

Be mindful. Gemini season may talk us into a more frenetic pace than is really necessary. Accurately assess the situation before clearing your path.

A clearing - or moment of truth - is coming June 9 as Jupiter in Libra stations direct June 9 on the Full Moon in Sagittarius. That means thoughtful planning now will bear tremendous fruit then.


Planet Roll Call

New Moon 4 Gemini, May 25

Sun in Gemini, until June 21

Mars in Gemini to June 5

 Mercury in Taurus, until June 6 

Venus in Aries to June 7

Mercury in Gemini June 7-22

Full Moon18 Sagittarius, June 9

Jupiter in Libra stations Direct, June 9


Jupiter at 13-23 Libra - Feb. 6-June 9

Saturn 21-27 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Pluto at 19-28 Capricorn - April 20 - Sept. 28


Gina Piccalo