Mercury conjunct Uranus

Our lives are being propelled forward once again, after months of delays and setbacks. A refreshing gust of much-needed optimism is headed our way. To speed the process, our mantra must be simple: Release. Transform. Repeat.

Or as En Vogue put it back in the day: "Free your mind. And the rest will follow."

This is definitely a week of imagining unbounded possibilities with Mercury conjunct Uranus sending all kinds of liberating and innovative ideas into our consciousness. Saturn trine Uranus all month will help keep these ideas grounded in reality.

Still, we'll have a tremendous amount of electric energy driving creative communications and exciting change. So much in fact that the sensitives among us may need to guard against overwhelm. 

All of this culminates on Wednesday at the fortunate Full Moon at 20 Scorpio.

Here, we have a transcendent opportunity to release the painful realizations of the last few months. With help from death-rebirth master Pluto, this an ideal time to let those self-destructive habits and beliefs die off.

On a side note: I want to give a shout out to folks born between September 1967 and December 1971. I feel your pain. We're all being confronted with old wounds. You'll feel its intensity in waves. You're not alone. And it will pass.

(Apologies for the En Vogue song now stuck in your head.)

Planet Roll Call

Mars in Gemini  until June 5

Venus in Aries until June 7

Full Moon 20 Scorpio, May 10

 Mercury into Taurus, May 15

Saturn trine Uranus, May 17-20

Sun into Gemini, May 20

New Moon 4 Gemini, May 25


Jupiter at 13-23 Libra - Feb. 6-June 9

Saturn 21-27 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Pluto at 19-28 Capricorn - April 20 - Sept. 28