June Forecast

June carries the promise of renewal. The wisdom we've gained from the last few months of deep work is more evident now. 

The Gemini energy is strong in the early part of the month, meaning many of us are still processing and integrating the information gathered on the May 24 Super New Moon

We're moving toward a better understanding, embracing the new reality without being wholly overwhelmed by it.  

Issues of integrity, truth and the strength of our convictions may preoccupy us on the June 9 Full Moon at 18 Sagittarius, which falls the same day Jupiter stations Direct. Watch the headlines around that day for more #TrumpRussia revelations.

Full Moons are about release and revelation and this one comes with a powerful motivation to purge judgment and old limiting beliefs. This allows us to free up energy for more growth and abundance, and renew our faith.

With Jupiter ending its four-month vacation on June 9, our progress picks up even more momentum mid-month. Plans that have been germinating since early February finally begin to ripen. 

There could be an element of surprise hovering over events early next week, particularly in relationships and finance. Impulse buys may be especially tempting. All month long, we may be craving luxury and comfort with Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer. We all may want to spend more time feathering our nests.

As June winds down and the Gemini Season makes way for gentle Cancer, our focus gradually turns to how we nurture ourselves, create home and nourish our families. 

Nostalgia may haunt you. Let it in. If we've learned anything from the last six months, it's that the faster we embrace the lessons of the past, the quicker we evolve beyond them.

The need to feel rooted, or even protected, may reach an emotional peak at the Summer Solstice on June 20 and during the New Moon at 2 Cancer on June 23

That trio of days is potent with profound and beautiful aspects for acknowledging and clearing old wounds and powerfully shifting your perspective.

Be open to sharing your feelings and you'll likely be rewarded with a relationship reboot, particularly with female relatives.

We're bursting with enthusiasm by month's end to initiate change and launch ourselves in a new direction thanks to Mars square Jupiter. Just temper your high hopes with some pragmatism. It may be easy to get carried away.

Then again, summer is the season of daydreaming.

 Allow yourself the luxury.


Planet Roll Call

Mercury into Gemini, June 7-22

Mars in Gemini to June 5

Mars in Cancer June 6 to July 5

Venus in Aries to June 7

Venus in Taurus June 8 to July 6

Full Moon 18 Sagittarius, June 9 

Jupiter stations Direct in Libra, June 9

Sun into Cancer, June 20

 Mercury into Cancer, June 22

New Moon 2 Cancer, June 24



Jupiter at 13-23 Libra - Feb. 6-June 9

Saturn 21-27 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Pluto at 19-28 Capricorn - April 20 - Sept. 28


Gina Piccalo