Leo New Moon

There's a powerful sense of fiery hubris in the Leo New Moon on Sunday. This lunation is charged with breakthrough energy, optimism and the power to move mountains. We may just believe we can do anything. 

New Moons are seed-planting time and this one - at the ultimate starting point of 0 degrees - is particularly ripe for taking risks on big ideas. Just temper that can-do spirit with a bit of pragmatism. Otherwise, your ego may get carried away with itself. 

 Whether you've been plagued by restlessness or feeling embattled, you can thank the Mars-Sun conjunction palpable since late June. Even the most mild-mannered have been more agitated or even spoiling for a fight. We'll regain some patience and remember to use our inside voice again when Venus moves into gentle Cancer on July 31. 

For those with key planets 0-5 degrees Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, however, it might be time to return to that meditation practice.

Early next week, there could be some tension in relationship. All year, we've been forced to confront painful emotions and get real with our partners and loved ones. Late July offers us yet another opportunity to get to the heart of the matter with each other. So much of it concerns our willingness to be vulnerable.

On Tuesday, Mercury enters Virgo, the sign of the master editor, where it will spend the next nine out of 10 weeks. This signals a fine time to revise your thinking and jettison out-moded ideas. You can be sure that whatever you miss will get your attention from Aug. 13-Sept. 5 during  Mercury Retrograde and ultimately find resolution by Oct. 7. 

A note on the upcoming "Great American" Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. There's a lot of history attached to this eclipse cycle. It hits the same point that marked Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles, the opening of the Cold War, Vladimir Putin's rise to power, breakthroughs in aeronautics, even the detonation of the first atomic bomb.

For most of us, this eclipse promises surprise uprisings and endings, tough lessons and course corrections. For many, hard work will pay off. But keep in mind, there's no hiding in August. 
The air will be cleared, like it or not. 

Themes dominant for you -- and the whole world -- during August 1999 could re-emerge now for fuller review or resolution. There's also a good chance that the seeds you germinate during the next two weeks will bloom in unexpected ways.

The best advice comes from Shakespeare's
(via "Henry V," a true Mercury in Virgo):
"All things are ready, if our mind be so."  

 Planet Roll Call

New Moon 0 Leo - July 23
Sun into Leo, July 23-Aug. 23
Mercury into Virgo, July 26 to Aug. 31, Sept. 10- Oct. 1
Venus in Gemini to Aug. 1
Mars in Leo to Sept. 6
Jupiter in Libra, to Oct. 11
Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse,15 Aquarius, Aug. 7
New Moon/Solar Eclipse, 28 Leo, Aug. 21   


Mercury 11 Virgo - 28 Leo - Aug. 13-Sept. 5
Saturn 27-21 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25
Uranus 28-24 Aries - Aug. 3-Dec. 31
Neptune 14-11 Pisces - June 16-Nov. 22
Pluto at 28-19 Capricorn - April 20- Sept. 28