Great American Eclipse

Are we there yet? The short answer is no. 

 We're between two potent eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius, us-against-them, axis. Mercury Retrograde is mucking up our routines and cleaning out our closets - socially, physically and psychologically. 

Meanwhile, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune -all retrograde too - are doing the same dirty work, but on a scale so large it's projected onto the world stage. 

The Charlottesville horror. Trump's abhorrent response to it. The profound shifts in awareness we're all experiencing as a result. 

 America, say hello to Your Shadow. 

Personally, you may feel as if you're being tested, as if your assumptions are being disproven. You may feel unmoored from your comfort zone and dragged in front of the mirror. 

You may feel tempted to blame someone close to you. All of us are susceptible to outbursts right now. Our wounds are surfacing in ways we can't ignore. Find a productive outlet for the emotion. Sit with the suffering and the cuts are clean, the wounds fast-healing.   

You may notice during this eclipse season that your unconscious psychological patterns - particularly in relationships -- manifest loudly in the physical world. 

Do yourself a favor and confront it head-on. We're creating reality every second we draw breath. Whatever random accidents or misunderstandings we experience are also manifestations of our psychological state. 

 Ask yourself, where am I directing my consciousness in this moment? What am I trying to tell myself? What am I fortifying against? What am I hiding from?

These eclipses and retrogrades have turned my life into a contemporary version of the 1986 film, "The Money Pit." I've been hit with so many unforeseen - and bizarre-o - situations that I'm afraid to quip, "What next? Locusts?" for fear of tempting Fate. 

 It has been a control freak's worst nightmare, which, I'm coming to realize, is exactly the point. 

 In the last six weeks, I've been forced into gratitude for what IS working. I've been confronted with my perfectionism and how disempowering it is for others. I've learned (yet another) lesson in self-care.   

 As we all move forward in the dark this next week, step lightly and be fearless. We're half-way there.    


Planet Roll Call

Sun in Leo to Aug. 23

Mercury in Virgo to Aug. 31 Sept. 10- Oct. 1

Venus in Cancer to Aug. 27

Mars in Leo to Sept. 6

Jupiter in Libra to Oct. 11

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 28 Leo, Aug. 21   




Mercury 11 Virgo - 28 Leo - Aug. 13-Sept. 5 

Saturn 27-21 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Uranus 28-24 Aries - Aug. 3-Dec. 31

Neptune 14-11 Pisces - June 16-Nov. 22

Pluto at 28-19 Capricorn - April 20- Sept. 28