Saturn Stations Direct

If the last four and a half months have often felt like an uphill slog or a test of wills, you're about to get some relief.

Saturn, the Master Teacher, turns Direct tomorrowmorning, helping dislodge obstacles and clarify our purpose. Saturn-ruled Capricorn and Aquarius (like Mr. Marley up there) will likely feel this most acutely. 

Everyone else may get a subtle hint of everything's going to work out, after all. Efforts you put in motion around April 6 will finally start showing results. Saturn's motto, after all, is "no pain, no gain." He rewards hard work and tenacity.

Remember Mercury's still Retrograde until Sept. 5 at 4:29 am Pacific/7:29 am Eastern. (But who's counting?). Venus entering Leo tomorrow may fire up our optimism, but it's best to take the slow and steady approach this coming week. 

It's likely you'll still feel more grounded and less circumspect about things than you have all summer. Concentration may come more easily. Detail-work could feel especially satisfying now. 

Right now, Saturn can help steady the turbulent trajectory we're still riding after the Leo-Aquarius eclipses

A word from the Path of Totality

This was a soul-level lightning strike, as clarifying as it was unsettling. Witness the total eclipse was the most profound energy bath of all time. A cosmic re-set button. My body trembled with adrenaline for hours afterward. 

Here's what the astrology tells me: These eclipses over the U.S. have opened a portal of brilliance and magic, revolution and madness. 

These times are truly historic and relentlessly turbulent -personally and globally. We're undergoing a mass awakening and cultural cleansing. Constant change and uncertainty are here to stay. 

The antidote is to cultivate authenticity and integrity, even when that means standing apart from your tribe. Complacency is what got us here. The strength of character is what will get us through.


Planet Roll Call

Sun in Leo to Aug. 23

Mercury in Virgo to Aug. 31 and Sept. 10- Oct. 1

Mercury in Leo Aug. 31 to Sept. 10

Venus in Leo to Aug. 25

Mars in Leo to Sept. 6

Jupiter in Libra to Oct. 11

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 28 Leo, Aug. 21   



Mercury 11 Virgo - 28 Leo - Aug. 13-Sept. 5 

Saturn 27-21 Sagittarius - April 6-Aug. 25

Uranus 28-24 Aries - Aug. 3-Dec. 31

Neptune 14-11 Pisces - June 16-Nov. 22

Pluto at 28-19 Capricorn - April 20- Sept. 28