The Lessons of Venus

Follow the path of North America’s recent natural disasters—fire, flood and earthquake— and you retrace the path of the potent August 21 Solar Eclipse.

That months-long argument we’ve been having with ourselves, weighing the needs of the individual (Leo) against those of the collective (Aquarius), has been made manifest on a scale we can’t ignore.  

Mother Nature is clarifying what human beings make so complicated, sounding an alarm, forcing us to come together. Through her devastation, we’re reminded that it’s the integrity and generosity of the individual that creates a healthy collective. There is no either/or.

“There were no politics in the boat,” one Hurricane Harvey survivor told NPR after being rescued from floodwaters.

For months, we've been fighting the good fight. Resist! We’ve turned out en masse to stand up for what we believe. And still, hypocrisy, corruption and violence dominate our news feeds.

Privately, we’re groping toward a new paradigm. We’re aligning with our truest selves, even the ugly, painful bits we’ve ignored until now. Status quo doesn’t really exist anymore.

Maybe it’s time for a break.

This week, the lessons of kindness and compassion from last Wednesday’s Pisces Full Moon continue to chime, perhaps with even more powerful resonance. Now comes Venus, the planet of love with lessons of her own.

For the next few days and through the weekend, listen closely to the tender part of your heart. That’s Venus. She’s reminding us now of the joy that comes when we surrender the need to be right and embrace the wisdom offered by “the other.”

As we move into the weekend, she’s granting yet more breakthroughs in our understanding of each other. This epiphany could feel bittersweet, a bit like awakening to the breathtaking beauty we’ve ignored for too long.

We’re nearing the end of a long period of confusion and upheaval. We’re headed toward another poignant New Moon on Sept. 19-20, a day stacked with Venus, Mars and Mercury in grounding and discerning Virgo. In some ways, we’re coming to our senses.

In the weeks that follow, we’ll continue to assimilate the calamity of the late summer. There will no doubt be more revelations, personally and globally. However, the wisdom gained this year remains with us. And as we close out 2017, we’ll be gifted with a profound sense of healing. 

Planet Roll Call

Sun in Virgo to Sept. 22

Mercury in Virgo Sept. 11-Oct. 1

Venus in Leo to Sept. 21

 Mars in Virgo Sept. 6 to Oct. 24

Jupiter in Libra to Oct. 11

New Moon 27 Virgo 27, Sept. 20   



Uranus 28-24 Aries - Aug. 3-Dec. 31

Neptune 14-11 Pisces - June 16-Nov. 22

Pluto at 28-19 Capricorn - April 20- Sept. 28


Gina Piccalo