Virgo New Moon

On Wednesday, the New Moon at 27° Virgo invites us to renew a commitment to our physical selves, to assess our patterns and routines and find a way back to wellness.

This version of Virgo isn't the stereotype of persnickety librarian or relentless critic. Instead, she's the healer, the Holy Mother, the goddess of the body's creative force. 

 She's the analyst, a do-er, if there ever was one.

This week, the Virgo stellium-with New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars - tells us that cleansing is in order - both emotional and dietary. We're invited to clarify our patterns, bringing a higher sense of self-awareness to all that we do. Rituals could feel especially satisfying now.

If we're not careful, if we ignore this opportunity to gather ourselves this week, we're susceptible to ambient tension, restlessness and confusion. We may be so worked up about the possibilities that we struggle to choose a path.

But hold on, because the Sun - the essence of our vitality - shifts into gracious Libra on Friday, like a breath of fresh air. While Virgo can get lost in the hard work that brings about the ideal, Libra calls for more balance and detachment. 

We may actually see the pace of life pick up in the coming weeks. We have the Autumnal Equinox a day later, a signal to the psyche that it's harvest time. Mercury, meanwhile, has finally recovered from its August retrograde. 

Projects and ideas we might have abandoned back then could rumble to life again now. A sense of potency is building. 

This year's most glamorous and exciting aspect - the Jupiter-Uranus opposition - moves closer to exact on Sept. 27. And the master of transmutation, Pluto, stations direct on Sept. 28 after a five-month overhaul of our psyches and maybe our finances.

As September closes in, we're also concluding a difficult chapter of 2017. Some of us may still be recovering from a sense of overwhelm. 

But, with some effort, all this profound change we're still trying to integrate can be channeled into inspiration, healing, even connection with the Divine.

A radiant burst of optimism is becoming available to us now. We just have to clear away some stale energy to access it.


Planet Roll Call

Sun in Libra - Sept. 22 to Oct. 23

Mercury in Virgo - Sept. 11 to Oct. 1

Venus in Virgo - Sept. 21 to Oct. 15

Mars in Virgo - Sept. 6 to Oct. 24

Jupiter in Libra to Oct. 11

New Moon 27 Virgo 27, Sept. 20   



Uranus 28-24 Aries - Aug. 3-Dec. 31

Neptune 14-11 Pisces - June 16-Nov. 22

Pluto at 28-19 Capricorn - April 20- Sept. 28

Gina Piccalo