Capricorn New Moon

With six planets in the sign of Capricorn, the do-er, we have a tremendous amount of drive to get our ducks in a row at the Capricorn New Moon on Jan. 16.

The growing sense of pragmatism that started around the New Year is reaching a peak now. Our plans will likely solidify in the coming weeks, especially if we harness the power of this lunation. Now is the time to plant and cultivate the seeds you want to see bloom this summer.

There’s plenty of energetic support for all this goal-setting and entrepreneurial spirit. This week, we’re graced with purpose and focus thanks to Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio.

As with all plans, there comes a point when we need to surrender control and hope for the best. This week, Uranus in Aries is reminding us to hold expectation lightly. Change —even that change we don’t expect—is growth. Besides, Chiron in Pisces is telling us there’s healing available in the experience if we’re open to it.

The Sun moves into groundbreaking and rebellious Aquarius on Friday, just in time for the second Women’s March. The masses are awakening once again to RESIST now that we have Uranus the Great Disruptor in direct motion through August.

On a personal level, this could generate a refreshing dose of independent thinking. We’re headed into a period especially ripe for breakthroughs and sudden change.

The first eclipse season of 2018 takes place during the Sun’s tour of rebel Aquarius — Jan. 31 at 11° Leo and Feb. 15 at 27° Aquarius. Issues from last August could emerge for another look.

The eclipses will have a noted effect on Donald Trump’s chart. More secrets could be made public and his unconscious motives made more clear during this eclipse series. Let’s hope he doesn’t succumb to his own reactivity.

If I’m reading the astrology right, though, we’ll all be ready for whatever comes.

Gina Piccalo