Aquarius Season

Just as the Sun and Venus shifted into Aquarius last weekend we celebrated another mass Women’s March. This is yet another signal of women waking up on a mass scale to lead us into the true Aquarian Age.

This mythic era famously described in that 1969 song is real and though astrologers dispute its actual start date, many point to December 2020 as the likely opening of a great vortex of change.

That’s when Jupiter and Saturn align at 0 degrees in the sign of the Great Awakener, a potent moment. Until then, we will watch as the old order – what we fondly call the Patriarchy – deteriorates and falls away.

That’s not to say that we dance into Utopia New Year’s Eve 2020. There’s plenty of work to be done to make sure the chaotic and draconian shadow side of Aquarius doesn’t overtake its highest manifestation of mass enlightenment.

The truth is we’ve been preparing for years now. There’s no question that our reality has shifted profoundly since Pluto square Uranus came into orb around the time of Aquarius rising Barack Obama’s inauguration. It didn’t take the election of literal polar opposite Leo rising Donald Trump to tell us a new reality was dawning.

But women didn’t quite grasp how powerful a role they played in this transformation until recently. With the Jupiter in Scorpio influence launching the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, it’s important that we all claim that power to shape the new reality. Right now.

Astrology doesn’t control free will and if we’re not grounded in our highest consciousness and most authentic selves, the chaotic shadow side of the Aquarian Age can manifest as well. The Aquarius-Leo eclipses that began in 2016 and continue this year — first on Wed. Jan. 31 —could reveal some of that shadow material for clearing.

So what can you do personally?

Through Thursday, we have one of 2018’s most potent aspects for manifestation and transformation, the supportive Jupiter-Pluto sextile along with two potent conjunctions of Mercury-Pluto and Mars-Jupiter.

Speak truth to power. Contemplate your own authenticity.  Make conscious decisions about your time. Be kind to yourself you’ll find more kindness in the world around you.  

Our relationships, particularly with women, may feel more spacious, more open-minded and even more interesting as Venus travels with the Sun in Aquarius until mid February. Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - could experience this as an especially lovely period of time when love and money flow.

But there’s really something for everyone in this week’s astrology. We’re all in the chute on our way to another powerful eclipse Jan. 31. More on that next week.

Until then, own your power.